Real Estate Barrel Distortion Removal Right on the Mark

A camera in itself is a tool for photography professional to ensure the quality of the photo is delivered correctly. Some make it a point that the photos that have come out of the camera will be just a few edits a ways from being worthy of being shown to the public. However, it won’t always be a sure-fire way especially if real estate barrel distortion removal is in play. Correcting barrel distortion is not an easy task but can be attacked from two different parts of the process, namely photography and post-processing.

Now, understanding where this comes from already enables to see if we can avoid it in the first place. On the ability to take photos at a creative level, you might need to change lenses, change perspectives, or even find different angles. These changes will surely impact the outcome as various factors vie for supremacy, surfacing and being the dominant trait in the image. Correcting real estate barrel distortion is one of those results that stem from the need to use certain photography techniques to enable others to exist.

From the other side of the fence, enhancement to enable real estate barrel distortion removal is also possible with a more convenient take. Removing real estate barrel distortion in Photoshop might surprise you with all the ease it brings you. A few clicks and there and poof, you might as well have waved a magic wand along with it. Nevertheless, even if the convenience bug has bitten your flight of passion, it will not be the only technique you will need to use. A line of several enhancements still needs to be done so you don’t fall short of the basic expectations from your client and from the customer.

What Causes Real Estate Barrel Distortion?

During photography, you need to catch a real estate exterior in its full glory. There might be times when the normal lens is not enough the thus you switch to a fisheye or wide-angle lens to capture extensive lot areas. Snapping these shots can bring out some tradeoffs which you might not be able to control with your camera but can definitely be eliminated by removing real estate barrel distortion in Photoshop.

  1. Curves/Skews

More than real estate barrel distortion removal, you might also need to straighten out the necessary vertical lines.  These appear as the lenses of your choice tend to compromise a wider perspective over a flatter landscape. Don’t fret, these lenses exist and carry their inherent flaws, but it gives you the necessity of seeing the wider view rather than always trying to make a panorama each time. Real estate barrel distortion removal can be achieved though, using a special lens used for architectural real estate photography but if you aren’t in this specialization then the cost of procuring that lens would probably not make sense from a return-on-investment perspective.

  1. Barrel Distortions

The straightforward impact of wide-angle and fisheye lenses manifests in bulging the center of the image. From the keyword of eye in fisheye, the photo will come out spherical in some way but will still produce a rectangular frame. The spherical build is meant to make the perspective capture even the peripheries at the cost of making the center round hence, creating a barrel or buckling effect. This is when real estate barrel distortion removal in software applications is direly needed and a non-negotiable step.


How to Fix Barrel Distortion in Real Estate Photography?

Removing real estate barrel distortion in Photoshop is inevitable for most shots. Unless you have enough cash and are willing to spend for an architectural lens that enables all of this to be shot perfectly from the get-go, place your bet on your computer and your editing skills.

  1. Open the image you have to correct and do them one at a time. It is important to focus on one photo in real estate barrel distortion removal to ensure consistency and quality.
  2. Select Distort then Lens Correction from the drop-down menu bar.
  3. Utilize the Slider that says “Remove Distortion” for barreling. Take note that at this point, the geometric changes should follow your adjustments tit-for-tat, allowing you to see the improvements as they happen so you can stop whenever you need to.
  4. Remove the outside edges by snipping and cropping as due to the changes that will be pulled into the middle, the peripheries top to bottom and left to right will be pulled in as well but will no longer look sharp and straight.

Fixing Your Photos Fast and Easy

Remember, even if removing real estate barrel distortion in Photoshop is as easy as one two three, the reality is this is just one of the edits you will make with this software application. With the surmountable (or even insurmountable) photos you need to work on, there will be a point where you will have to start working faster to meet tighter deadlines. You may have a system of prioritization but the more you do, you might see a consistent decline in quality of work due to fatigue. With this, why not just let an outsourced service do the job for you? Real estate barrel distortion removal isn’t a technique that’s rocket science but one that is subject to the expertise of the one doing it. Therefore, you may want to check out whose pool of professionals are keen on making your photos look their best and worthy of the public eye. They specialize in several other techniques from simple to complex and this is one of their offerings which you could be confident about as they get their hands dirty with your images.

Final Thoughts

So, it isn’t strange that photos actually exhibit this effect. Real estate barrel distortion removal is the way to go and as simple as it may sound to execute, it’s just one of many you need to do and therefore the concept of outsourcing is available for you to take advantage of, allowing professionals to work on your image while you focus on work that requires your attention. Remember, real estate photo editing might be a passionately done job, but one that also has its stressors such as deadlines and required quality standards. Try it out, if it works for you, then stick with it.