Real Estate Image Editing for the US Real Estate Broker

If we take a look at the year that was, buying real estate has become cheaper due to lower interest rates globally. This was done to stimulate the economy and motivate people to move in and take advantage of a mortgage at an all time low. A lot of Americans have taken the chance to relocate given the flexibilities of working from home therefore keeping the real estate market alive. One thing to consider is as 2021 comes forth, experts say the real estate market will see a double in percentage growth bigger than the already existing growth in 2020. So, what does this all mean?

Well, real estate brokers will definitely be busier this year. Along with that is the demand for real estate image editing. The truth is, as brokers and agents sell more, the need for a faster turnover of listings is needed. This implies that for photographers, the ability to produce the same quality photos as a higher rate is needed. Real estate photography editing for the US real estate broker might see a boom and riding along the opportunity to be part of this growth is simply the best way to go.

Though it might seem like a volume game, a real photographer who understands his client knows that the partnership is based on trust, speed, and quality of photos. No matter how real estate image editing may appear to be a mere inflow and outflow in the broker’s listings, the content still matters a lot.

Real Estate Brokers vs. Real Estate Agents

Sometimes we think that everyone who sells properties are agents. That might be true, but to truly understand out client there needs to be a grasp of the basic distinctions in the industry. A real estate broker is different from a real estate agent. Yes, there is a stark difference. A real estate broker normally owns a brokerage. They have real estate agents working for them or they can be independent brokers performing the task of the real estate agent. Brokers are owners of their own firm while agents cannot own a firm. This means that brokers are licensed and are qualified on a higher level compared to agents.

The Importance of Real Estate Image Editing for Real Estate Brokers

Again, we stress the importance of real estate photography editing for real estate brokers. The reason being is that historical performance has dictated that both photo quality and availability boost the sales speed and value. There are reasons why real estate image editing creates such impacts, and having a clear understanding allows the professional photographer to appreciate his craft and be proud of what they bring to the table.

  1. Certain colors appeal to human emotion

When we talk about colors in real estate photos, the best ones are always the warmer colors. Warm colors play along the lines of orange and yellow and they draw happy emotions from people. Contrasted with colder colors such as blue or teal, the effect seems to shun people away because of its association with sadder feelings. Real estate image editing helps to correct the photos that are taken with very poor lighting conditions. Property exteriors will always enjoy a bright and sunny day as opposed to being marketed with an overcast in the background. With keen attention to details such as these, you might just help your real estate broker sell a property a third faster than the usual time it takes.

  1. More and more properties are viewed and sold online

You may not notice it, but everyone spends more time on their phones than talking to people face to face. Everything that used to be done physically now has an online mode of doing whether it is getting a ride or buying something as big as a house. Real estate photography editing contributes to the general statistic of people buying homes 90% of the time having viewed them online. Brokers are keen to take advantage of this avenue where they know the sale will happen. Providing timely and quality photos will help them maximize the foot traffic that visits their pages or the other 10% where they might sell through other listing channels.

  1. Real estate brokers can showcase the true potential of a property

Let us not forget the purpose of why real estate image editing exists, and it is to help bring out the vibrance of a property. People will not always know a house is for sale and listings help communicate that. However, if listings provide the raw images taken by cameras then the photo will not do the property any justice. Realty editor brings the photo closer to how the person will see it with their own eyes. It brings a degree of accuracy with the correction on color, white balance, and perspectives cameras will not be able to rectify themselves.

Photographers and Real Estate Brokers

The partnership between photographers and real estate brokers varies. Some may be a one-off depending on the agreement. Sometimes it might be due to the poor quality delivered by the photos. This is why as a photographer, it is your job to hand over the best and pristine looking photos no matter what the longevity of the agreement is. Emphasizing how important real estate image editing is for the real estate broker, the photos will hold majority of the defining moments whether they want to have you as a long-term partner.


The relevance of real estate photography editing for the US real estate broker goes a long way. A dull and dreary photo can easily be dismissed as opposed to an image bearing bright and cheerful tone or even an accurately represented image of the property. There are indeed impacts to their business that are both tangible and intangible in many ways. As a photographer, the job is to provide the stunning photos and understanding your client at the same time. Sure, the real estate business might be the same across, but knowing how your clients benefit from them will give you a deeper sense of purpose as well as an appreciation for the work you do and the chain of activities it enables.


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