Real Estate Photography Trends In 2022 You Should Know

You simply cannot survive in the business of real estate photography without knowing what the latest trends are. Processes and methods can easily become obsolete therefore leaving you on the losing side of things while the competition gets ahead with all of the things required by contemporary clients. So, what makes good real estate photography?

The first and foremost way to get things rolling is to understand what your clients want. Some of them might have specific requirements when it comes to the photos they want to receive. It could be in the form, whether digital or printed, style, which could refer to types of enhancement applied, or even format, if it’s video or a 3D tour. Real estate photography nowadays is so diverse that all these requirements are now available from every corner of the real estate industry.

Second thing to know is how you will bridge the gap with what they want and what you can do. Many of these trends in real estate photography in 2022 have to do with modern equipment, shifting methods, and some as specific as techniques in photo editing for real estate photography. Read on to find out more and immerse yourself in the modern age that is 2022.

Going Mobile is Everything


Mobility in many perspectives means being able to move around. Perhaps you want to do something on-the-go or multitask while doing other things to efficiently spend your hours. In real estate photography, these are no different. Today’s trends require people to always be able to finish what they do while being untethered to their workstations for the most part. It helps them make a living while maximizing the sites they get to cover and at times, go on a vacation while working on something remotely. Furthermore, it allows professionals to work wherever they want. After a photoshoot they may choose to sit down in a nearby coffee shop and perform some photo editing for real estate photography.

Real estate photography also works both ways for the photographer and the client. The term going mobile for the latter can mean being able to receive the photos and post them through mobile devices, enabling a farther reach in audience more than just posters, flyers, and the usual website. Therefore, most photographers edit in a way that their clients can utilize the photos to post on social media.

Outsourcing Saves Tons

You will definitely hear a lot of good things about outsourced photo editing, and this intensified throughout the years, making it a worthy trend for 2022. See, real estate photography is already a demanding job in itself, requiring hours to be spend taking amazing images. However, things don’t stop here. Post-processing is required to further enhance photos and make them good enough for the people in the public to see them. With this, the question on how to start with real estate photography is only the halfway point, the next part of the process requires just as much time.

Outsourced services then allow real estate photography professionals to leverage on additional capacity without being tied to buying assets and trying to get the return on investments on them. More than this, real estate photography professionals can enjoy rates that are friendly that allows them to contract outsourced services for as many photos as they need for them to focus on their photography.

Virtual Tours Have Become a Staple

People having their devices and technology at hand has spurred more requirements in house hunting. Another facet of such technology is being able to gain control remotely at the tip of their fingers. Virtual or 3D tours is one these advancements that have taken the industry by storm. But what is a virtual tour, you may ask? It’s when real estate photography shoots a 360-degree view of the interior or uses multiple cameras to get several vantage points. It then stitches the whole thing together and hands over the control of the viewing to the user at the other end of the screen, giving them an experience, they won’t be able to forget.

Volume of Photos are the In-thing

A couple of shots used to work before. It would probably show the exterior, one each of the interior, and real estate photography wraps up. These days it will no longer be enough as people start to look for more angles. This concept ties up perfectly with the trend of outsourcing. As more real estate photography professionals go on to snap a ton of images, the expectation to edit all of them also grows linearly. Being able to think of ways to expand your capacity through outsourcing enables you to get out of this constraint and go wild with the volume of photos.

Gain Flexibility with Virtual Staging

These days, interior design is a big thing. People love to see real estate photography capture stunning interiors curated to make a cozy home and make it feel like a great purchase. However, the challenge at times is having to constantly change the furniture and fixtures to showcase one theme to another. Not with today’s technology and trends. Virtual staging has opened up the world of interiors for photo editing for real estate photography. Now just a few clicks you can change up the look of the furniture or even the entire theme, pleasing more than just a couple of tastes and expanding the way you throw out images.

Drone Shots

Last but not surely the least on this list is aerial shots. Drones have brought to light a lot of new styles in photos and real estate photography has benefitted from this trend. Moreover, drone shots have allowed people to see the surrounding neighborhood and peripheries, giving them more reason to buy a property because of its location. Finally, the increasing number of drone shots have made the competitiveness of this industry rise up even higher. People now expect this as a staple and would normally want to find out if their prospective location is worth settling in to.

Final Thoughts

Real estate photography in 2022 might seem very demanding, but all these trends add to the beauty of the image. As a photographer and editor, you may want to ride the wave as this also expands your knowledge, skill, and eventually your business.


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