A Quality Edited Image Makes a Difference in Real Estate Photography

A salesman’s greatest weapon is the product they grasp they use to show the world. Whether big or small in any form, they have to carry with them something that represents what they want the buyer to trade their money for. In the real estate scene, agents utilize websites as their stronghold for sales with photos as their products as they obviously cannot drag a house around. In this regard, image editing largely contributes to the success of selling real estate and housing. However, not all snaps that have gone through image editing are automatically beautiful. It also takes a meticulously intricate realty editor to pull of edits such as photo color grading and correction and be able to adjust depending on what the photo needs. Therefore, the difference making is having a quality photo through the right image editing techniques and being able to assess the appropriateness of the enhancements.

Defining a Quality Image

There are many definitions of quality to begin with. If you jump onto the internet and start googling the definition, at least 3 various takes on the word will show up. The reality about quality, based on the unique meanings, is that it is based on individual perception. Yes, quality is in the eye of the behold much like the concept of beauty. Quality in image editing does not fall far from this tree, also adapting the same view that a good photo stands under the notion of what people want to see.

It may be difficult for photographers to try and consider the plight of millions and cram that all into one image. Luckily in image editing, there are standards that are surely tried and tested to win the hearts of people. Photo color correction is one of the forerunners of building quality within the image. People are attracted to colors which work by communicating largely with emotion and perception. Image editing and photo color correction are also two inseparable terms. One cannot say the photo is truly transformed without being able to play around with some photo color grading.

Things to Consider When Editing

Jumping straight onto a computer and beginning the editing process might seem a bit too excited. The right way to do it is to assess how the photo naturally came out and what magic it needs. One of the first things that need to be checked is the way it looks and how the colors paint a story. Something dull can easily turn people off at first glance, hence, photo color correction could be a great deal of work in such cases. Here are some things to look at from different property perspectives.

Exterior shots

  1. Weather and the sky

No one likes to see an image wrapped around darkness and rain. Image editing must consider brightening the day through sky replacement and playing around with the photo color grading to achieve the most vibrant weather for the background. Remember, a sunny day will always be the prevailing preference no matter what, unless there is a specific request or instruction to do so otherwise.

  1. Front yard clutter

Yech, who wants to see a front yard full of gardening equipment and garbage bins just scattered around? Image editing removes such things to present the property in the cleanest possible manner. The goal is to create an image that people can deem as a potential home rather than visiting something that’s already inhabited. Not to mention the stress of thinking how to remove such items if they intend to move in.

  1. Lawn color (if applicable)

Photo color correction can come into play on areas where you need to resuscitate certain objects. One of the most relevant image editing checkboxes off the list is making grass look green. No one, and I repeat, no one wants to see a brown patch of land that screams death all over. There are various ways to get this done through layers and photo color grading selection, so wipe away that barren lawn and replace it with a thriving garden.

  1. Perspective of property structure

Have an eye out for possible requirements to straighten the real estate structure. Chances are, when you snap the image, the house will be leaning backwards because you are shooting at a lower angle. Image editing has the tools to ensure you can straighten this out and make it look like the image was captured straight on.

Interior Shots

  1. Window glares

The camera won’t be able to capture the interior properly while catching the view from the window glass at the same time. It’s one of those flaws that cameras carry inherently. Image editing along with the right photo color grading should work hand-in-hand to bring the best of both worlds together. It all starts with recognition that the photo will not come out as ideal. Therefore, a set of bracket shots will also be necessary during the shoot to make sure you’ve got layers to work with.

  1. Lighting distribution and color correction

It’s tricky to find the right blend of lighting in real estate interior photography. On one hand you’ve got natural light sources which is the preferred illuminator and then you’ve got the artificial lighting inside the house, not to mention the additional flash and equipment you’ve brought. It is important to understand which combination works during the shoot, but it doesn’t end there. Photo color correction is essential to ensure that the distribution of light is even across the image, making sure that every color is as visible as the other.

  1. Composition

Lastly, image editing must revolve around the nature of the composition of the image. The way the furniture is arranged plus the way the shot is intended to look (shot as a wide-angle room to show an impression of space) affects the way image editing is done. Everything should be complemented as well by photo color grading to find out at which level does each object within the composition stand out rather than drowning each other out.


Quality is the difference maker, make no mistake about it. Image editing is the enabler of these images to reach a new height of beauty that only people will appreciate and no matter how vastly different the taste is for each person, real estate image editing works to ensure that the basic touch ups and enhancements will wow people from every background.


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