Accelerate your Workflow in Real Estate Photo Editing Using Photoshop

In the world of real estate photography and editing, speed is essential in making that property sell. The sooner your client can get a hold of the enhanced images, the sooner they can advertise a property. Most turnaround times suggest 24-48 hours from the time the shoot begins to the handover. In hindsight, this is not all that tight, but once the volume starts flowing in, the game starts to get heavy.

Real estate photo editing can get overwhelming with the volume of orders. Photographers may find themselves behind schedule and deadlines which may result into implications detrimental to the business. But let’s get one thing straight, having all that business isn’t bad. In fact, it’s a sign that your reputation and credibility are raking in the clients.

At this point you could be thinking of outsourcing. That isn’t such a bad idea, however before you jump into contracting the realty editor out, look at how you are currently doing your work. Perhaps ask someone to be the fresh set of eyes to determine how you perform your work. They could see inefficiencies throughout the process that could be eliminated to shorten your post-processing lead times with the current real estate photo editing software you have.

Tips to Live by to Accelerate the Process

Being in the real estate photo editing business for quite some time can get some habits sticking in. Of course, there was the learning phase where you picked up a great deal of tips and tricks but some of it may have stayed and have been overshadowed by improved features. Photoshop, as a real estate photo editing software, has been around for several years. It has incorporated several neat features that didn’t exist during its early days that could pitch into the whole picture of efficiency. While these tips will not be the end all, they can significantly help you speed up post-processing and shave off hours or even days when the number of photographs start to pile up.

  1. Filter your photos from the start

A great way to kick things off is to already tackle the root of most delays, and that is getting rid of the defects. Going into a photo shoot, you are poised to take multiple shots of the same view, perhaps at different angles, and will end up with hundreds of photos. This now becomes a treasure trove of images that should be filtered to make the cut. Now, real estate photo editing software is a powerful tool, but it does have limitations. It might not be able to fully resurrect blurry or distorted images, so chuck these over to the recycle bin. Now to speed up the process even more, only pay attention and edit those that have the best quality, but make sure that you have clear copies of the most important parts of the property.

  1. Employ some help from Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Photoshop once had a cousin called Lightroom. That cousin has grown into an adult and has independently achieved its own credibility as a real estate photo editing software. Nevertheless, these two can be used synergistically to bring the best of both worlds together. Adobe Lightroom has been known for its file management features. It allows you to filter your photos, import and export them easily, and provides organization for your images. Using this real estate photo editing software will speed up the process of arranging hundreds of photos in your computer. Not to mention its ability to liaise with Photoshop, you will surely be able to save up on hours trying to sort out your images and proceed faster into the editing part.

  1. Batch processing of Photos in Photoshop

One time-saving feature of Photoshop is the batch processing option. What batch processing does is it takes all the selected files and simultaneously applies the changes on your command. It can be found in the file menu, go to automate, and then batch. Now instead of making these changes one by one to each photo in sequence, you can make the changes across all of them all at once. The beauty about real estate photo editing is there are some tasks that are required across all images, and some may come even as standard as removing color casts on several photos. So with this, batch processing can help you accelerate the editing process to move on to different tasks.

  1. Take advantage of keyboard shortcuts

Adobe Photoshop offers customizable keyboard shortcuts. This means that you can assign the most repetitive actions to a keyboard letter of your choice, thereby utilizing your left hand in executing the software commands rather than relying only on the mouse to click all around the screen. While this may seem a bit trivial to some, the overall savings in time will be realized once you’ve felt the ease in being able to spread the load across two hands and speed up the process. Real estate photo editing after all does require multiple steps in the enhancement process.

  1. Use pre-sets or the Color Lookup Option

Pre-sets are a good way to take advantage of time in this real estate photo editing software. Built in color edits are simply a click away from being applied to your image with several combinations of edits to choose from not to mention being customizable after being applied. The beauty about this real estate photo editing tip is that if you are not satisfied with the pre-sets, you can choose one that is closest to the one you like and make the adjustments from there to make it perfect.


It might not look much, but these tips can actually help you cut some time off of the processing time. Real estate photo editing software such as Photoshop has changed over the years and it has understood what people need, hence, looking at these little hacks can make all the difference in the world. Surely, the demand will be there, but there will be ways that your real estate photo editing software can surprise you to get the job done faster than you could have imagined.


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