Benefits of Subscribing to a Real Estate Photo Editing Monthly Plan Package

First impressions last. This phrase has stood the test of time and it is not any different for the real estate business. Potential buyers and tenants would always love to see nice photos of their prospective homes whether it is through print or online media. This is how real estate companies reach their target audience on a consistent basis.

An important business partner of most realtors are photographers who sometimes also have a real estate photo editing company that processes the photos after they have been captured. It is no stranger for these partnerships to go on a long-term agreement since there is an element of familiarity for photographers and these companies on how certain real estate companies do business.

A sign of good partnership manifests in photo editing monthly plan package where the real estate company subscribes to the photographer or photo editing company for regular services. It is an agreement that the real estate business will enlist the services of image enhancement from the photographer or company for a defined period of time with an assured monthly set of payments. This, however, does not assure any exclusivity of services as the real estate company may need more than one source of enhanced photos. It is not a bad thing; in fact, it means that business is doing well and the demand for enhanced real estate images continuous to be high.

Benefits of a Monthly Plan Package


Having a real estate photo editing monthly plan package assures an inflow of pictures that will go up on the website or print media. The rates are usually more stable for a photo editing monthly plan package as they are not exempt from the laws of supply and demand. Imagine not being able to contract the service of an editing company during peak periods and losing the chance to showcase a high potential set of properties. On the photographer’s end, there is also a chance of missing out on these situations due to the volatility of demand and availability of both properties and editors.

An available photo editing monthly plan package available for clients to choose from immediately launches the negotiation forward. This is because packages offer a simpler option for real estate companies to choose from and avoid the hassle of negotiating prices for various services. It starts the relationship smoothly and has better chances of landing that deal. Having a real estate photo editing monthly plan package also allows you to plan your workload.

There is only a limited number of hours per day and deadlines may sometimes be too demanding. The predictability that comes with a photo editing monthly plan package also manages the expectations from the real estate company’s side. If an earlier agreed package has been set it will contain the price point and the expected amount of output from the service. The real estate photo editing company may receive additional requests and work on top of the monthly plan but since the agreement is clear cut, this can mean additional profit for the photographer or company.

Another benefit coming from the predictability of snagging a photo editing monthly plan package with a real estate company is the chance to plan your months ahead. If you already know how much work will be coming in until the end of that agreement, then you can take in different clients to add to your portfolio. This will let you assess if you can meet your current deadlines or not and go for that additional income!

Last but not the least, having a real estate photo editing monthly plan package allows you to account for the cost of your investment easily over the period of contracted subscription. Remember that part of accounting for costs are both fixed and variable which will constitute the cost of doing business and will be a good basis for adding profit to determine the total package price. Fixed costs will be the costs do not change month on month and considers the money spent on equipment.

How Much Does Editing Cost?

Pricing the photo editing monthly plan package must be planned carefully to make sure you end up with a positive profit and not a loss. Industry average puts editing cost at $5 - $35 per image with several considerations to make sure all costs are accounted for when putting together a package whether you are an independent photographer or a real estate photo editing company:

  • Marketing – It costs to advertise the services you render, and this will certainly not go away even with several subscribers already at hand. There is a need to constantly market the service to realize the full potential of the editing business and at the same time, ensure continuity once the current subscribers have defected.
  • Equipment cost – Physical equipment such as lighting and camera for those who take the photo and edit it themselves must be accounted for as an investment. High quality photos will not capture themselves and no editing is possible without raw images.
  • Software and Computer Costs – As an realty editor, you have your own subscriptions to editing software and licenses to produce those oh-so-beautiful photos. These should be part of the cost of processing the photos to cover for the expense incurred monthly as well.
  • Tax – Depending on where you are, tax laws may dictate different rates. Putting up a buffer for taxes ensures your elected margins for profit do not eat through to it 100%.
  • Competitors – make sure to benchmark against your competitors and what they are offering to the market. Being competitive does not mean being the lowest price, but make sure also that your prices are not threatening for your potential clients.



Offering a real estate image editing monthly plan package may be advantageous to garnering more real estate partners. The stability a monthly plan offers attracts more clients because the volatility in pricing avoids any unwarranted strains in relationships and negotiations and in fact creates a constant stream of work and income. Be careful though of how the pricing is set to ensure you are not short-changing yourself and overcharging potential clients. Considering this option may just prove to be a win for you in photo editing.


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