Different Real Estate Photo Editing Service Price Package

The business involved in real estate photo editing encompasses all types and sizes of clients. There are those that belong to the smaller tiers whose capability to pay is small and those whose scales are larger and therefore can afford more services. Whichever a tier a client belongs to still has the right to request for service for as long as they can pay for it. They are still customers who keep the business going and maintain real estate photo editing as a service that they need to exist in the real estate industry.

As photographers, providing real estate photo editing packages helps different clients avail of your services. It allows for flexible terms and gives people the choice to select how much they are willing to pay for a certain set of services. The impact of this to you as a photographer means you are maximizing your business by casting your net wider to reach more potential clients. Some may come in the form of big real estate companies and other might be from the start-up ranks. The way you set your real estate photo editing price will attract or detract certain groups so making sure to understand how these work and more importantly who they are geared to will optimize the reach of services you offer.

What are the Price Packages?

Before we begin, defining what a price package is will be relevant to set the tone. Price packages are a list of services that are included within a specific amount of money. These can vary depending on how well you are able to control your costs because a profit still needs to go on top of the expenses. It also depends on the extensiveness of the activities you will include in a package. For instance, the most basic real estate photo editing package will include a photo shoot and editing service that is handed over in an included flash drive within 48 hours. The specificity of this package enables the client or customer to understand that they will no longer need to worry about who will gather the photos, who will enhance the photos, how they will receive the photos, and how long they will be waiting. Listing some of the possible price packages, it is noteworthy to mention that creativity has no bounds in this aspect and different modes can be developed.

  1. Per piece pricing – People who may not have a lot of budget can opt to have few photos enhanced. The real estate photo editing price of these will cost them a few dollars per photo and may not necessarily need you to snap the photos for them and instead just work through the editing.
  2. A bronze, silver, and gold levelled stratification – Having three different packages with different prices might also be effective to help garner a larger audience. A real estate photo editing package of different levels may vary depending on additional services. For instance, the basic bronze package will include a photo shoot and editing of 10 photos within a 48-hour turnaround time. A silver package may contain a photo shoot and editing of 20 photos with additional effects such as twilight enhanced images within a 48-hour turnaround period. Finally, a gold package can have all of the contents of the silver tier except that it can be done in 24 hours for a higher price.
  3. A real estate photo editing subscription package – The first two models above can be done for one-off transactions. People may want to try out your services at first or they really don’t have a lot of properties to sell after this one. Remember that real estate photo editing must cater to all kinds of real estate business. Having said this, larger clients may benefit off of a subscription model as it may help them save on cost but tie up with you for a longer agreement period. Say for instance, a real estate company wants a 1-year subscription so they can be assured that there is a steady flow of photos week on week through out the calendar year. Economies of scale will come into play as higher volumes of work they will contract from you leads to lower prices because of the nature of the bulk order. This can attract the big players in the industry knowing they can get a bang for their buck.

Which is the Best?

Deciding which real estate photo editing package is the best relies on how much you want to be known. If you are starting out and targeting a small niche of customers, then looking at a specific segment might be your starting point. In this case, try using a per piece pricing model to get people to try your services out commitment free. Once you’ve gained traction and started to get more and more clients, a tiered package may be useful for you since not a lot of people need 30 photos or twilight enhancements. Finally, landing the big fish could entice you to do subscription models after they have experienced working with you. Not everyone will jump the gun on the first project for an immediate subscription package, so using the tiered method to help them try your package will get the ball rolling.


Real estate photo editing packages are essential in putting up your business. There are behaviors at work that need to be taken advantage of and looking at how people perceive value should be a good consideration in formulating these packages. The truth behind real estate photo editing is it is high in demand and photographers are everywhere hoping to cash in on this abundance of opportunities. The things that set one photographer apart from the other are quality, speed, and value for money. The first two qualities together may be learned and developed, but the third can be a make-or-break aspect where people may be turned off. Learning to know who the possible customers and clients are will surely help you construct the most fitting realty editor prices and even packages that will cater to different financial tiers.


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