Do Real Estate Agents Edit Real Estate Photos?

Editing real estate photos is not the sole responsibility nor the sole expertise of photographers and editors. Sometimes, it could be an expertise or a career by real estate agents as well. You might be in for a surprise to know why real estate photo editing agents are actually good editors.

The Work of Real Estate Agents

A real estate agent can be considered as the heart of any real estate business for the contribution of their work. Without their tireless efforts to conduct interactions and sell properties, the real estate industry might not be as fast moving as it is today. Real estate agents are also integral conduits between the business and the customer. While we may say that websites are the first point of contact for customers and real estate businesses due to their nature of being constantly available over the internet, it is the real estate agents that can interface and address queries and concerns towards any property and its details.

  1. They communicate

A huge chunk of what real estate agents do is talk to people and make projects known through different media. The offer old or new projects, making sure that the word is out there for people to be curious about. In other words, one important aspect of their job is to market the properties for prospective buyers. If we take this out of the mix, we might find that people would not ask further about these properties because who would be on the other side to get back to them? Sometimes one may ask whether a website makes the work of a real estate agent redundant. In many aspects, it looks like it never will.

  1. They meet targets

Annual sales targets are metrics for companies who want to expand and grow. Sometimes it marks the point where there is a need to survive, and it dictates the number of properties needed to be sold in order for the business to stay afloat and for jobs to be kept. The overarching target is now cascaded per area of coverage headed by real estate agents. The ball is now in the court of real estate agents to pull off the sales and meet their territory’s targets, and they do this through various means such as open houses, online ads, virtual tours, and in some cases, pitch meetings. When done right, the collective effort of all real estate agents come together and help the business meet or exceed the annual target that allows it to grow and find other areas for expansion.

  1. They assist people

Real estate agents are helpful and courteous in dealing with everyone, whether you are simply curious and inquisitive about a property or serious in actually purchasing the property. In this regard, they are able to build rapport while making sure every inch of curiosity from people is addressed and who knows, they might turn someone who isn’t planning to buy into a serious buyer. Bottomline is, real estate agents know their customer through their questions and work to best answer these to help people make an informed buying decision.

Do They Also Edit Photos?

Now that we know what they do as the core of their job, we now ask the question if there are real estate photo editing agents in the mix as well. See, editing real estate photos could be a way for real estate agents to take matters into their own hands. If they feel like the best strategy to reach their audience is to put up various images in diverse platforms, then it could be a matter of speed in being present there first that could spell the difference between meeting the targets or not.

There are also applications that have come out to help people, including real estate agents, work on editing real estate photos at the touch of their fingertips. These android and iOS apps are also mobile and mostly free, allowing real estate photo editing agents act quickly and conveniently. This comes very handy when a real estate photo editing agent has a new project to advertise. Think of the benefits of being able to advertise it first using the smart phone right in your pocket, snapping the image, and editing real estate photos right then and there.

So, to answer the question if real estate photo editing agents exists, they do. This growing trend of duality and hybrid functionality helps in editing real estate photos, and perhaps augmenting the gap in capacity that professionals editing real estate photos have.

Why It’s a Good Combination

Sometimes its people closer to the work that makes the best source for knowing what customers and businesses need. They see what goes on in a microscopic level and are able to determine which things work and which things don’t. Hence, real estate photo editing agents also make good photo editors due to the following reasons.

  1. The experience is there

There is no doubt that editing real estate photos by real estate agents is a good idea because they have interacted with the customer and would-be buyers. In these cases, they are able to understand what particulars people are looking for and could group them based on archetypes to find a commonality and create marketing strategies through editing real estate photos.

  1. Understand the inner workings of the industry

Real estate photo editing agents whether doing the editing concurrently or choosing it as second career know how the industry works. They know fair pricing, they fathom the importance of turnaround times, and more importantly they know how to best serve customer needs and allow businesses to bridge the gap to meet those.


Editing real estate photos, as we’ve now seen, is not exclusive to photographers and realty editors. They are also careers taken on by real estate photo editing agents who are highly capable and enabled in today’s real estate industry. The beauty of giving them the chance to perform both functions is integrating the knowledge they know and have experienced firsthand and translating that into something tangible in the form of editing real estate photos.


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