Best Free Photo Editing Apps for Real Estate Agents in 2021

Time is of the essence. As much as real estate agents want a professional photographer taking on the shoot and editing, the reality is there are constraints. Money will most likely be a lesser limitation as the money spent for photo shoots can be considered as an investment that will boost the listing hence, generating more revenue. Time would likely be the heaviest constraint as photo shoots and post-processing take time. It may take 24-48 hours and even if that is considered a quick turnaround, there might be opportunity losses within that window of time.

For the real estate agent looking to take matters into their own hands in hopes to fill voids and gaps of opportunities, there are free to use real estate image editing apps available. These come in different packages and are mostly free of charge. Paying for a premium may enable access to more features and best of all they are compatible with mobile devices and tablets. The fact that they are portable means that it will be faster to churn these photo’s out and post them all through one device. Snap, edit, and post. That should be the motto.

What are the Top Free Photo Editing Apps?

There are several options to choose from and one is no slouch from the other. It is best to get acquainted with the developers and features to get a better grasp of what you are choosing and if it is enough for your needs.

  1. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Express – Your favorite computer editing software comes in a mobile version where the basics of editing are available at your disposal. What is more interesting is that it is free. It still has the basic enhancements of color, brightness, and trimming of photos and if you do want more, then there is a premium version with a fee available as well.
  2. Snapseed – This is a totally free app that is compatible with iOS and Android. The set of tools available are surprisingly extensive and comprehensive enough that it contains the brushes you need to make localized adjustments. It even comes with a wide variety of existing filters to easily change the tone of the photo.
  3. Adobe Photoshop Mix – This can be a primary choice for selecting a real estate photo editing app considering it is as an extension of your desktop Adobe Photoshop. It is synchronized with your computer so that any work you’ve done can be continued in your mobile device. If you need to go out but also need to accomplish the work you are doing, this provides the continuity you sorely need.
  4. VSCO – Pronounced as Visco made by the Visual Supply Company, this real estate photo editing app is boasts of containing more than 200 preset filters that were used by famous organizations. More than this, the range of tools available is worth your money at a tad less than $20 a year. There is also a video editing capability included with the app so virtual tours can also be edited under the same payment. Talk about getting your money’s worth.

What are the Pros and Cons?

Using these realty editor apps will definitely have their positives and negatives. Being aware of these two sides will assist you in deciding when to use these real estate image editing apps and when to go for the conventional route of partnering with a photographer. At the end of the day, there is an optimization point of mix to be achieved and no single solution can address all the constraints and needs of the real estate industry.


  1. Real estate image editing apps provide an on-the-go solution. They are not reliant on another party to produce the photo the client wants to see and can immediately be done on the spot.
  2. These real estate photo editing apps on your phone or tablet can be considered as a one stop shop. Imagine being able to snap that photo as you arrive on site. After a collection of images have been captured, you can immediately proceed to edit them, and right after, upload them onto your website or social media page.
  3. They are free and can help meet customer demands. Some clients will be very demanding, and getting these photos sent to them is fast and free. Instead of paying for expediting fees to produce enhance images faster than usual lead times, there can be savings realized by using this app.


  1. They may be limited in features in these apps. Not all apps will have the full range of features a computer-based software will have and therefore not give the same effect at 100%.
  2. Some localized tools that deal with minute changes might be difficult to achieve with small screens. Unless you have a stylus that has a more accurate contact with the device screen, then changes on a micro level might prove to be difficult.
  3. Real estate photo editing apps may not support very high resolutions and may depend on phone specifications. This reality sets in if a high-resolution photo needs to come out in the same quality as it was in its raw state. The upside though is if you are editing for a mobile version of the site, then this may not be a problem.


Undoubtedly, the reality behind time in is it is limited. People may be keen and interested in making a purchase immediately with online viewing a real game changer in the real estate industry. The opportunity to put properties up for listing and selling is tantamount to giving all properties an equal chance of being known and sold. Real estate agents who are keen to see this opportunity can jump the gun and edit the photos themselves for these situations. Real estate photo editing apps may not be as intricate and elegant as photos enhanced through computer aided software done by seasoned photographers, but it gets the job done and above all the opportunity to sell is seized. There are quite a handful of free real estate image editing apps that are accessible and downloadable through handheld devices and therefore should not pose any limitations.


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