Do You Need to Edit Real Estate Garage Door Images?

In the real estate business, every part of the property may come out crucial in making the sale. Some people prefer a cozy interior with a warm fireplace and some might even look at the garden as a selling point. Others might argue that living spaces and bathrooms will matter the most and that they are sufficient to bring in the attention to lead to a sale because mostly wives have the final say in making the decision to buy the property.

Whatever the case might be, it will always be important to highlight every part of the house in real estate listings because you will never know what will mean the most to your potential buyer. One of the things that may just make that sale is the home’s garage. A garage can be many things to homeowners. It might serve as a parking space, a workshop, a recreational spot, or an extra room. The first thing people see would be the exterior and would probably be the bragging point of the entire garage. Hence, this should where you, as a photographer, can spend a great deal of time and effort to beautify through real estate garage door photo editing.

Garage doors are multi-dimensional and come in many forms. They offer a lot of potential when it comes to real estate garage door image editing. In this article, we take you through making your garage door photos look stunning from the photo shoot to the editing.

Parts of a Garage to Consider

When doing the photo shoot for the garage, there are certain points to consider. These are the door, both from the inside and outside), any mechanisms that might mechanically automate the garage door, and its looks when closed and opened. These matter because potential buyers do not want to end up with a surface-deep view of the garage and end up disappointing themselves when the visit rolls around. Real estate garage door photo editing can use these elements to the advantage of taking the right photos at the right time of the day.

How Can I Make my Real Estate Pictures Look Professional?

The Photo Shoot

Everything starts with a proper plan. In this case, knowing the what, where, when, and how sets up a successful photo shoot which maximizes a very specific area such as the garage door.

  • What – Consider the structure of the garage door and how it opens. Is it a roll-up type, or a canopy, or is it side hinged? From here the visualization of several shots can be thought of. Try and take photos of garage doors which are closed, half-open, or if they are mechanized, consider taking a shot of it in action and freeze it at the right timing to capture an in-process look.
  • Where – Visit the property beforehand and take a look at the garage from a by stander’s point of view. You can stand on the sidewalk or along the driveway to get a glimpse of the garage’s exterior and how it complements the entire house. You will be able to figure out at which angle the garage door will stand out.
  • When – The time of the day is crucial for garage photo shoots. Check to see if there are windows on the garage door to take advantage of light coming in through the small windows and adding them into the realty editor process. Taking photos from the outside, try the twilight enhancement technique at sundown to put a more dramatic flair to the garage door with the lights turned on inside.
  • How – Declutter and clean. Most garages especially for properties on re-sale may have stuff inside the garage. Always ask the real estate company to try and clear the garage so that there is no impediment to the lighting effects and where the photo of the garage door from the inside will look clean. Afterwards, perform the photo shoot and take several photos of one angle in different exposures to capture a range of different shades of illumination.

The Editing

Real estate garage door image editing is the second step in making it look attractive after the photos have been taken. Here are some tips and techniques to watch out for to produce a professional-grade image of garage doors.

  • For photos taken at dusk and a twilight enhancement can be done, work around with the exposures of the photo. If you happen to have an HDR camera, then there will be more room to play with light. Make sure that when the lights are turned on inside the garage, the surrounding sky is made darker or replaced with a lesser exposed sky.
  • Real estate garage door image editing should also be keen on curved edges. This normally occurs when a fisheye or wide-angle lens is used when the background is too good not to include. Therefore, edge corrections must be done during software editing to avoid perceptions of warping.
  • The light coming in can be used to the advantage of showcasing a garage door from the inside. Real estate garage door image editing is unique because perspectives from the inside can easily capture rays of light coming in brought by smaller windows, if available. Shooting at the right time of the day with multiple exposures in several shots can help you through layering the photos. Using the right flash, a slow aperture speed, and a long exposure from the lens can produce this effect. Moreover, surface the design of the garage door during editing by providing a lighter shade on it. Some garage doors boast of carvings, ridges, or patterns which may be of value to a potential buyer.


While it may not be a popular part of the house, garages are sometimes an area of interest especially for people looking for an extra space to do their handicrafts or wood works. Real estate garage door photo editing has a value and perception that is underrated but packs a lot of potential that reaches to people through print or online means. Making your photos look professional must consider focusing on the features in and out of garage doors and taking advantage of the surrounding environmental effects can give your photo editing more than you thought it could to help your real estate partner make that sale.


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