How Can Real Estate Photo Editing Improve Outdoor Images?

There is a saying that goes “different folks, different strokes”. This simply means each person is different enough from one another that their tastes, personalities, and even needs can be distinctively varied from one another. The same goes when house hunting. Real estate companies try to appeal to a wide range of people in hopes to match the home profile to the person’s liking. This is what drives sales and at the same time ensuring that effort is spent correctly. The impact to photographers is knowing how to emphasize certain photos that are considered by real estate clients as cash cows.

Some inevitably attractive parts of a property can be its living room, for others it can be the back yard or front yard whichever the case might be. The bottom line is certain people buy properties after seeing a part of the house they like and that for them is the deal breaker. Outdoors are especially good selling points and that is what people consider a good space to own especially when the sunny seasons roll around. People who have families may be enticed with a large backyard with a swimming pool and outdoor real estate image editing should be certain to showcase this space with all its vibrant tone in order to grab that person’s attention. But do not be caught up in outdoors alone as the essence of realty editor is to sell the property as a package and ensuring that when the customer starts to zoom in on the different areas of the home, they will not be disappointed.

What are Considered Outdoors?

To make sure that the outdoors is showcased, a knowledge of what constitutes a property’s outdoors is crucial. More so, being able to see this upfront will enable you as a photographer to plan out the parts of the property worthy of making it to the listings. Therefore, proper planning, research (by reading this article), and doing a tour of the property will give you enough information to snap away and edit the photos later on.

  • Front yards – The first patch of land that greets a person is the front yard. Even before you reach the front door, a lawn full of lush greenery will be the first sight making it a critical area to present. What outdoor real estate image editing can do for this is to make it look alive. If the lawn looks drab, consider changing the color to green and making it look thriving. Is this considered deceit? Absolutely not as the lawn can be turned green with the proper care.
  • Backyards – The back of the house is a more intimate and secluded area for people with kids to consider. Real estate photo editing may consider this a treasure trove of things to enhance as backyards may come differently from one property to another. Some back yards will have swimming pools, some will have swings, or some may even have tree-houses left by previous owners. Editing all of these in especially during the twilight hours can make it look stunning and inviting that even the potential buyer’s kids might have a say in purchasing the house.
  • Garages – They say that a garage is man’s humble space. Fathers who may find interest in having a garage detached from the home will definitely consider the property for sale. Garages in outdoor real estate image editing can showcase the inside and outside feel of it. Viewers can envision it to be a working space instead of a car park therefore staging it virtually can help people make up their mind.

What Makes Outdoor Photos Nice?

So what editing techniques, you might ask, are relevant to outdoor real estate image editing? Here are a few tips you can consider to make a stunning outdoor photo.

  1. Sky replacement – A big mistake in outdoor editing is forgetting to make the skies look sunny except if a twilight shot is in mind. A gloomy feel will surely turn a potential buyer off so head on over to Photoshop and turn that sky blue and make the sun shine.
  2. Clearing out obstructions – There will be times when the photo shoot will have a rough day. Sometimes the roads will be too busy that getting a clear shot of the property to include the glory of its front yard will be impossible. Real estate photo editing allows you to remove these things legally so that the photo can fully present the property. What you are not allowed to do though, is to remove fixtures such as lamp posts which is not within the jurisdiction of the real estate company to tamper with.
  3. Photo lighting – While shooting at the right time of the day ensures the house will not be covered in darkness, the problem ensues when the sun is way too bright. Creating an even distribution of light is essential in making sure the glare does not cover up the house. Editing the balance or taking an HDR photo to find the best exposure from your camera allows you to look at the photo as if your eyes were taking a look at it. Try adjusting your aperture to control the amount of light coming into the photo, and perhaps your flash can help control certain areas that do not get enough light. Overall, a white balance must be achieved, and if during the shoot this is difficult, consider editing to help out the cause.


While the entire home is the real deal for potential buyers, the outdoors is simply difficult to ignore as a good selling point. There are plenty of elements to sell since the outdoors play a significant role in hobbies and recreational time for individuals or families. Outdoor real estate image editing is one key step to getting that property sold and making sure that the viewer sticks to viewing that property now relies on the fact that the entire home is presented beautifully. Hence, it is safe to say that real estate photo editing covers the ins and outs and learns to emphasize on the sellable points of the property, making the set of photos powerful enough to make that listing a star and in demand for people to want to duke it out and make that top-dollar purchase.


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