How Editing the Brightness Can Change Your Real Estate Images

When people say a picture can tell a thousand words, it is actually the elements in the photo doing much of the talking. Yes, memories captured bring forth the life in the photo where stories and emotions surround the context of whatever is in it. But if we are talking in the context of real estate listings, it will take more than just the raw image to tell the story. Breaking down the reality behind photos, we see that colors, angles, and effects add the value to the image. The key to getting this done is through editing brightness in real estate photos.

Real estate listings have taken a turn and joined the online revolution. More than half of real estate buyers in recent years have said they found their dream property through online media. What this means is that the editing scene has played a major role in making such photos the focal point of selling that it actually leads to closing out deals.

One particular element of eye-catching photos is brightness. Real estate photo brightness editing may sound immaterial, but it is one of the most important foundations in producing top quality photos. In this light, we want to emphasize the role of property images brightness adjustment in real estate photography.

How Brightness Can make an Impact

Brightness in the general sense is how strong we can see the colors bouncing off our eyes. It is what keeps a photo vibrant and jubilant. Imagine looking at a dark and dreary photo of a living room, that will not bring in any energy to people who are looking to purchase a property and make it a family friendly space. Therefore, property images brightness adjustment makes the colors pop out which do the work to reel the people in.

Understanding colors, there are two general tones in warm and cool. Colors works with people’s brains to elicit responses to certain photos. Warmer colors touch on emotions and make a connection to whomever sees the photo. On the other hand, cooler ones bring calmer sensations. Knowing which ones to explicitly bring out will be powerful in appealing to potential buyers when in the process of real estate photo brightness editing. The brightness is a way to bring out the colors the property brings, whether in the interior or exterior.

How Do I Brighten Up My Photos?

Editing brightness in real estate photos requires a keen understanding of maximizing the sources of light during the photo shoot. The process of taking the right photos will slide impeccably when editing time rolls around. Another trick is to include HDR photos to have an extensive range of exposures and maximize the illumination available. Without further ado, here are the recommendations to come up with a perfectly lit photo when doing the photo shoot and working on real estate photo brightness editing.

During the Photo Shoot

  • Make a conscious effort to shoot at the best time of the day. The best source of light is the sun and using the daylight to your advantage will put you in a position to edit your photos beautifully. Property images brightness adjustment with a bright raw image works well with exteriors. All the colors are distinguishable and visible as the light makes every detail of the house pop out. The reflection of the daylight will also have associates of joy with your viewers because who does not love a bright sunny day.
  • Turn on all the lights in the interiors. The availability of interior lighting is a great way to maintain illumination no matter what time of the day. It also provides flexibility for you as a photographer to adjust the amount of light by removing bulbs that make a difference to the overall mood.
  • Bring a flash and additional lighting equipment. Flash can be used creatively to brighten up rooms especially with bouncing it off on walls. The additional lights can also help illuminate rooms with not enough lighting fixtures and where windows that produce shadows with sunlight can be counteracted with artificial light. Property images brightness adjustment relies just as much on the quality of the shoot as it does when being edited.

During Editing

  • Make use of HDR photos if available. One of the most creative techniques in real estate photo brightness editing is stacking together photos with different exposures and getting the best parts of each to make one amazing image. HDR photos provide a wide range of exposures of a single shot which allows for flexible editing and selection of preferred images.
  • Optimize the use of the dodge tool. For Photoshop enthusiasts, the dodge tool can prove to be useful in lighting up the dark areas any light from the photo shoot did not capture. The beauty in this is it allows the localized targeting of dark areas and turning them lighter on sensitively small increments
  • Select preset filters. Most software will have filters that already do the realty editor job for you. Real estate photo brightness editing demands a level of brightness that complements the image all throughout, hence, preset filters are ready to create a balanced look that suits your requirements.
  • Use brightness adjustment tools. The most basic way to make photos bright is toggling the brightness meter available to most editing software. Doing this lays the foundation for brightening the photo and using the smaller tools to edit the other elements present in the picture. Editing brightness in real estate photos must consider the overall feel, therefore the common first step in making a brightly lit photo is making sure the image is on the right scale.


When editing brightness in real estate photos, there is no doubting the power it brings. There is a reason why it is always on top of the list of things to consider when taking and editing photos and that is because it reaches out to emotions and senses. The brightness that reflects the colors is crucial in setting apart a good photo from a bad one. Investing in the time to master this skill is sure to work not only for your real estate partners, but for your photo editing style as well.


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