How to Choose a Professional Partner for Real Estate Photo Editing

The process of selecting a professional real estate editor is a decision that should not be done in haste. Having photos done through a professional real estate photo editing service or editor costs money in hopes to receive a larger return through sales afterwards. But this is not to say that choosing a professional partner is not a good thing. There are just pockets of information that need to match up to your requirements and needs so you can make an informed decision. Jumping the good too quickly could end up in regret and even in long-term disadvantages. A professional real estate photo editing service can be found almost everywhere around the internet. There are those that boast of very beautiful landing pages but whose output is simply not worth the money you are paying. Even for a professional realty editor, the rules apply just the same. You must not settle for less than the best and getting your hands on a good partnership goes a very long way.

The Selection Criteria

There could be millions of reasons a professional real estate photo editing service is worth it. All of them could look the same and yet it will be hard to judge which one can actually be a good and fitting partner. Luckily, there are just a handful of ways to choose a professional real estate photo editor and when you’ve gone through this then you can be confident that you are on the right track.

  1. Know the depth of their experience

Sure, they could be in the business for many years now, catering to almost all types of photography disciplines. However, it is good to know how much experience they have in real estate photo editing. This is key when selecting a professional real estate photo editing service because experience reflects in the output. Rookie mistakes can be seen as some corrections may come out bland or even awkward, putting your time and money to waste.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for samples and reviews

There is no other way to judge something other than through its cover in this case. Choosing a reliable professional real estate photo editor for the first time will surely be unable to show you what they can do with your photos. Instead, ask for their portfolio of previous work done for other clients. This should give you a good idea on how they work and how they understand the needs of the real estate photography industry. Reviews or testimonials will also help you gauge how people perceive them using ratings. Through these, you can get a glimpse of how they are and how their reputation is and going in for the deal might feel a tad bit more comfortable.

  1. Check if they have a free trial

Another way to boost your confidence in choosing a professional real estate photo editing service is through actual output. Negotiating for a trial edit of some of the photos you provide can help sense if they are up to your standards. You can even test them with the most hideous photos and see how they answer to the challenge.

  1. Talk about commitment and turnaround times

Time is money and the sooner photos are enhanced the sooner a property can be listed with them. A professional real estate photo editor must know their clients and their needs so do not be afraid to raise this topic. In fact, get a solid answer so that you can expect how long to wait for your photos once they have received it. A respectable turnaround time will be 1-2 business days and it is only fair to give enough time to your prospective professional partner so they can also incorporate quality into the work.

  1. Go through the price list

Believe it or not, cost is the top driver of choosing a professional real estate photo editor. We understand that money is precious as it is hard earned and parting with it could get painful especially if you are not getting the expected worth in exchange. When going through the price list, check for packages or bundles they have that could potentially get you cheaper rates. Negotiating is also not out of the question if you have a lot of photos to enhance. However, if there are already packages that are cheaper, negotiating might not be as effective, so be aware of what they have to offer before taking the bull by its horns.

  1. Know whether they value your security

Your photos are your property. Outsourcing to professional real estate photo editing services will not always give them permission to share your photos. Always bring up the topic on security and if they can guarantee the proprietary rights to your images. The last thing you want to see is another real estate company using your output and claiming it as theirs.

  1. Ask if you can know what they use to edit photos and what techniques they are good at

Sounds trivial? Actually, it isn’t. Get a good idea on the technology the professional real estate photo editing service uses. Sometimes they cheap out and use outdated ones that do not meet current trends and end up creating something not up to your liking. Spend some time to know if they have the latest software and even what software they are using. If you find out that they are using something that kids at home would normally use for hobbies or what nots, run away and never come back. As for the techniques, ask them if they can pull off the edits you need and if they are aware of such techniques they can use that is to your liking. After all, you are the customer, and you are paying them good money in exchange for good service.


The list seems tough and overall looks daunting, but believe it or not, it can help you choose the right professional real estate photo editor you can partner up with for the long-term. The due diligence involved to go along with the critical scrutiny of each of those aspects may just give you the right level of confidence to part with your money in hopes to get a good set of photos that you or your real estate client can be proud of.


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