How to Estimate Realty Editing Costs for Better Outsourcing

Real estate photo editing is an all-important task not to be ignored. There might be costs attached especially when outsourcing real estate photo editing, but this shouldn’t be a hurdle especially when you know that costs can be influenced, and more importantly, estimated. Read on to find out more.

Assessing the Complexity of Edits

The truth behind real estate photo editing is that even if it is a formula in making the edits, some differ in degree of requirements and thus, complexity. In the context of outsourcing real estate photo editing, this is what can dictate prices because it will be a function of effort and time that dictates the translation into money. Breaking it down further, we see the following elements that can help put together an estimate for realty editing costs for your real estate photo editing needs.

  1. Minor edits

These can constitute removal of blemishes or minimal adjustments relating to color and lighting. Most of the costs related to outsourcing real estate photo editing lies in the ‘usage’ of talent and time of the editor behind the screen. With a short and easy time for the real estate photo editing professional, this may not be close to breaking the bank.

  1. Replacements

Before the development of artificial intelligence, certain real estate photo editing techniques required several steps, attention to detail, and a heightened amount of precision before it can be done successfully. For the case of outsourcing real estate photo editing, it could take up more time for professionals to do and it will surely have opportunity losses to gather more orders from other clients, so here you may see a little bit more charges. So, what edits will fall under this category of replacements? Sky replacements and window masking are the most common, while others may consider changing colors of grass and front lawns.

  1. Overhauls

These could be the most expensive in the complexity scale depending on the level of fixing that needs to be done. Remember, real estate photo editing must play within the bounds of a realistic representation and ethical projections. With this, overhauls will help re-create the house as it should be virtually, while it is getting ready physically because as we all know, it will be faster for something to be changed in the computer than in actual. For outsourcing real estate photo editing, this could mean dedicating a professional on this project for more time that just edits and clocking in more hours mean that this professional is getting paid to focus on one project and thus could increase the price of the work.

Considering the Number of Photos Being Outsourced

Since the element of time has played a significant role in determining the price in complexity, another driver of cost for estimating realty editing costs so you can move to outsourcing real estate photo editing is the volume of work. Now in some cases, it could be intuitively inferred that the more photos there are to work on, the price will go up because you will take up the professional’s time. There is another side though, where more photos could mean lower prices. Let’s check out these scenarios for outsourcing real estate photo editing.

  1. Case 1: Higher number of photos, cheaper prices.

In this situation, it could be that economies of scale plays its part. Outsourcing real estate photo editing to companies that offer bulk or volume packages because these services has found a way to make their processes efficient. For instance, if a large volume of an order is received for real estate photo editing, it means profits for the company. These profits, at a certain volume, will help cover their costs and more, so they can give you a discount to encourage people to give in more photos for real estate photo editing. This is also applicable vice versa, where not enough volume will use up more resources that actually earning from the work, hence, higher prices.

  1. Case 2: High number of photos, higher prices.

Some real estate photo editing companies may not have the same economies of scale that others do. Some consider prices one-to-one, and more work means more consumed for their professional editors. Before jumping into a deal when outsourcing real estate photo editing, talk about their rates and figure out if by volume, their rates would be lower, or simply increase linearly. This though, is an uncommon case, as economies of scale would normally apply especially in real estate photo editing services.

Choosing the Right Realty Editor

Now you are at a point where you want to seek one, and you have an idea on how your costs will look like based on what you intend to send over to the outsourcing real estate photo editing service. But how do you know that you will be confident about your choice?

Go for one that is run by long time professionals in the field. Some organizations would have previous realty editors, some former photographers, some would be former realtors and real estate agents. Also look at cost per photo, while previous criteria dictate that quantity will point to an estimate of price, cost per photo editing could differ from service to service, and so even if you have the right idea, if the cost is steep for a service, then get ready to shell a lot of money out.

Another area to look at is speed and turnaround time. The faster you need the photos, the higher the price could be. Some realty editors are customer oriented and know that time is of the essence. Real estate photo editing services who offer the fastest turnaround times at no added cost should be within your shortlist of choices.



These are guidelines and not exact indicators, but they will point you in the right direction when choosing a service in outsourcing real estate photo editing. Remember that when estimating the cost of realty editors, not all would be a good choice, but throwing in the effort of checking, comparing, and analyzing will notably help you make the best decision to maximize your cash.


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