How Much Does It Cost to Outsource Real Estate Photo Editing?

Real estate photo editing has long seen the industry move into different business models. The fact that the demand continuous to grow is an indicator that opportunities are abundant in this industry. Photographers have learned to expand their own capacities through their decision to outsource real estate photo editing. This gives them the additional growth without having to heavily invest financial resources to acquire additional equipment and personnel. However, the process of trusting this part of the business to an outsourced provider for real estate photo editing raises a lot of questions on getting a fair price. To outsource real estate photo editing means to pay a market value that economically matches the service rendered, giving both parties the experience to mutually benefit from each other. Having said this, let’s dive into the question of how much it costs to outsource real estate photo editing and break down the key elements embedded within.

What You are Paying for

Determining the tangible and intangible components will garner a bigger appreciation of why we outsource real estate photo editing helps us look beyond just the money we shell out. There are experiences and benefits we get from parting ways with the payment in hopes to gain something better for our real estate photo editing business.

  1. Cost of Labor

The most obvious part of where the payment to outsource real estate photo editing goes to is the cost of people doing the editing for you. The outsourced service employs several people to be able to simultaneously accommodate orders, and for them, this might be considered their biggest asset since a real estate photo editing software will not work its magic without the person behind the screen.

  1. Monthly overheads

When deciding to outsource real estate photo editing, think of their monthly spending similar to yours, except in a larger scale. First is the subscription to real estate photo editing software. They might require purchasing more licenses so their realty editor can all jump on the editing. Second is their utility spending. More computers being used might equate to larger electric bills, not to mention the rental space to be able to house everyone in one location.

  1. Peace of Mind

One of the things that don’t come obvious with a price tag is a more relaxed version of yourself. Imagine being able to sit back and focus on more important things rather than to stress over being able to meet deadlines and demands of speedy turnaround times. Paying to outsource real estate photo editing can also help you make sure that the work is in the hands of competent editors, whose standards can be at par with yours.

  1. Time You get back

Another intangible is the time you get back from real estate photo editing. Instead of working on one project at a time in sequence and eating your entire week just to make sure your reputation to meet commitments is upheld, you can now free up your time to give some back to yourself. One of the most important aspects of work is being able to recharge and come back stronger and this cycle helps you grow as a real estate photo editing professional.

Considering Your Budget

Most services out there will normally be very affordable. If you search deep within the internet, some can even provide a quotation of less than $1 for each edited photo, but beware, such minute costs can mean limited enhancements for your images, giving you bigger headaches. Hence, consider working around a price range of $5-$15 per image, but the range of course comes with a few considerations.

  1. Level of standards and complexity you require

The price level to outsource real estate photo editing depends on how much you ask of them. If there are tons of irregularly shaped objects that require more work or completely transforming the image from day to night, then expect the price to play around the higher end. There are standards in which these editors perform their real estate photo editing, and if that meets your expectations, then a normal pricing should be in the horizon.

  1. Speed of turnaround

Some outsourced real estate photo editing services will offer premium prices for faster services. If you are not in a rush and would be obliged to follow their standard lead times, then the price you see for the enhancement services could be all you will pay for. However, if you require a rushed timeline, expect to pay a little bit more for them to expedite the process through increased resources on their end.

What to Expect in Pricing Models?

  1. Per Piece – if you require only a handful of images to help augment your capacity to meet a deadline, then paying per piece may make more sense for you. A price will be assigned per photo and depending on the complexity, can vary from image to image.
  2. Packages – these are the pricing models if you require the entire photo shoot or at least a good number that would be taken out of your hands. Packages would normally be cheaper and would come with standard inclusions. Some real estate photo editing services will offer multiple packages in different tiers, depending on the quantity and complexity you require.

Price Checks: Are You Paying the Fair Amount?

Check their portfolio for output standards

Before jumping into the deal, you might want to check some of the work they’ve done for other clients in the real estate photo editing space. Chances are, their outputs will give you a glimpse of what to expect and if the amount you are paying for is well worth the quality of the output.

Canvas for rates around the outsourcing space

Also, prior to inking a deal, check out prices from several providers. They will vary in light of competitive instincts where you will find some providers to be more affordable than others. The due diligence on your end is to determine if the price to quality tradeoff will be sufficient to meet your standards and expectations.


There is no single answer to the question on the price to outsource real estate photo editing. The scrutiny on the price, service, and returns should all come into play when considering contracting the service out. All in all, real estate photo editing services can get the job done, but can it meet your expectations? This is something you must find out on your end.


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