Real Estate Images Editing Services: What You Should Know When Outsourcing Real Estate Image Editing Services

So, you have chosen to outsource and look for real estate photo editing services. You realized that the time is sent more efficiently when you have an additional set of people who can do the work for a fee and hence, frees up a lot of time for you to focus on different faces of your business. Choosing and inking an agreement with realty editor services requires a good recognition of the organization you are working with. It is important that they are more than just doers, they are reliable industry movers. This gives a sense of safety when you know your photos are in good hands.

One of the things about taking the plunge is there has to be a degree of calculated risk involved. There is a plethora of real estate photo editing services to choose from and the adverts will surely look enticing. This is not to say that there are fakes out there, but there is definitely the crème-de-la-crème from the crop. Settling for no less than the best should be the aim so you can sleep soundly at night and expect the highest quality of enhanced images.

Things to Know When Outsourcing Real Estate Image Editing

The first question that comes into mind when selecting among real estate image editing services is ‘are they the right people for the job?’. We understand the hesitation. This is why we need to break down the criteria into smaller pieces so they can be easier to digest.


The first and foremost reason why almost everyone is doing business is to earn. The movement of money coming in should be more than the money flowing out. This mantra should be the one driving the cost component. Never spend beyond your means and find a real estate photo editing service that can get the job done at affordable rates. Take advantage of packages should you have quite a handful of photos to process as these will be cheaper than paying for them individually.

Turnaround Time

The next consideration for selection should be how fast a real estate image editing service can hand back enhanced images. It is good to establish reliability when you know you are paying good money in exchange for photo editing services. Normal turnaround times are 24 to 48 hours, and the reason why the unit of measurement is in hours is that is relies on the time you were able to send or upload your photos. It is only fair to allow the service enough time to get the job done.

Working Capacity

Drill down on details such as the type of software they use, or how many power users they have working on the photos. Such information will give you a sense of how large an organization operates. The size will tell you that they may have been grown that big due to a large following and having such money to operate an operation of that scale implies good business hence, a sign of confidence.

Extent of Services

Get a grasp of the range of services the outsourcing organization offers. Know if they have services that specialize in the fast-growing trends such as drone photography editing and 360 virtual tours. This will give you an idea how adaptable a real estate photo editing services to the changing times and perhaps also give you a glimpse of how well you can see yourself contracting them for the long-term. The last thing you would want to work with is an organization who can do less than what you yourself can do. That would just be a total waste of money.

Reputation of the Organization

A couple of good signs real estate image editing services meet your needs are to ask for customer reviews and portfolio collections. Customer reviews will be honest feedback on how the service met their needs and if you can see yourself reeling in the same level of satisfaction. What you also want to look at is the number of reviews. Typically, 20 or more reviews will indicate people have been flocking this service and it means the word out there is positive about them. A portfolio will also be a good indicator of their reputation. Take the time to browse through their previous work and measure how it stacks up to your standards. The thing is with real estate photo editing services is that the prouder they are of their work, the better the handle customers have on the way they work.

Should I Get a Long-Term Deal Immediately?

Well, the answer is it depends. If you feel like you are on the fence with a real estate photo editing service and cannot make up your mind, it would be better to try their services out with a one-off order. This should give you a good gauge if the result lives up to your expectations. Once you are confident and comfortable with the organization’s ability to deliver, it might be time to decide what the next step is. Take a look at their packages and perhaps subscription offers to score a better deal than the cost of one-offs.

For referrals or services recommended by trusted colleagues, it might be suitable to do a long-term outsourced agreement since they will normally be cheaper. Since they are also referrals, there is a degree of confidence from your peers that the organization delivers, and that there is a solid customer base to begin with.


Outsourcing real estate image editing services is definitely a big deal to think about. It may make sense to jump the gun to decide to outsource post-processing but the selection on who to give the job might require a little bit more work. Having the confidence to work with an organization with all the criteria (and perhaps more) will give you a peace of mind with regards to the overall value for your money. Choosing should be done with care, a cool head, and a warm heart. The combination of these traits will help you make a levelled and informed decision in order to maximize the cost you incur, making sure that whatever you spend on, is totally worth every penny.


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