Real Estate Lightroom Editing Hacks You Definitely Shouldn’t Miss

There have been many applications and software that spawned out in the last few years, ranging from computer-based to mobile-based to cater to different markets. There are also different iterations to editing software, there were updates, and even simplified versions. With so many real estate photo editing software available out there, one could not help but think which one is the best or which one is the most appropriate to use?

Adobe has always been the staple in photo editing. In fact, it has been the go-to choose in selecting realty editor software. There have been newer iterations or spinoffs from Adobe Photoshop which catapulted people’s fondness for it to new heights. Specifically peaking, Adobe Lightroom made noise in real estate photo editing software choices in the last years. The computer-based application made its debut in 2007 and has been known to focus on photo management with the wonders of basic editing functions.

Using such software requires time to learn and sometimes the learning curve needs to take it up a notch so it can catch up with the influx of demand. Oftentimes even if we are already in the mix of editing the photos, it still takes time due to the sheer number of steps required. Little did most people know, there are real estate photo editing hacks that exist. Adobe Lightroom is a treasure trove of hacks just waiting to be discovered and using them might just speed up your editing process and help your fingers move more conveniently.

Light Room Tips and Tricks

Sometimes it gets tiring when we always need to shift from using the keyboard keys and then moving your arm to reach for the mouse then letting it go to go back to the keyboard. Other real estate photo editing software will require a combination of usage of these two things from your computer and let me tell you the movement alone when accumulated can sum up to a good amount of time lost to just shifting your arm. The real estate photo editing hacks that you will see today can be used to get rid of the excess movement and you’d be surprised how much easier life can get for this real estate photo editing software.

Hack # 1 – Saving import pre-sets

Importing photos into Lightroom requires certain settings you may prefer to have so that when they are in their destination folder, things become convenient. However, as you do this for every single photo, you may just find that the day has gone, and you have not accomplished importing everything. Luckily, to kick off the real estate photo editing hacks for Lightroom, you can choose to save an import pre-set to apply this to all the photos you bring in. Simply select import present and choose ‘save current settings’ and you can choose this from the import pre-set menu.

Hack # 2 – Keeping the lines and scaling of objects

When adjustments are made to lines or shapes, it is always a challenge to keep them straight. Once they no longer follow a rectified path, then the lines will begin to pixelate. Luckily, holding down the shift key while making these adjustments will help keep the lines straight with no worries on adjusting them later on.

Hack # 3 – Match the exposures of photos

Before when different photos had different exposures, the level of brightness can be changed through correcting them one by one. This real estate photo editing hack will shorten that time significantly as Lightroom provides a command called Match Total Exposures that will even out all the exposures of the selected images. Talk about one click wonders.

Hack # 4 – Showing the colors for the overlay quickly

Did you know that the shortcut shift + O can save you tons of time when looking for different colors for the color mask? Yes! It easily brings out the color palette and allows you to choose from there instead of navigating the toolbar and selecting the options one by one to let it out.

Hack # 5 – Changing Lightroom’s screen lighting

Depending on the ambient lighting conditions where you are doing your editing, the screen may need to adapt too in order for you to see the work clearly. A crucial real estate photo editing hack available in Lightroom is changing the brightness that is independent of your computer’s built-in toggle. Simple click the letter L on your keyboard and there will be three levels of screen brightness changes. To reverse the process, simply hold the shift key while pressing L. Easy as that!

Hack # 6 – Switching brushes in an instant

We are all familiar with switching between windows in our day-to-day use of the computer. The alt+tab combination has been a lifesaver when going to one window, saving tons of time versus using the mouse to look for the window we want to switch to. Fortunately, Lightroom also provides that same switching convenience for brushes. If you are using two brushes and switching between them often to finish your work, then the slash key “/” will easily switch from either brush.

Hack # 7 – Seeing your progress

Now it is very important to know that the work we are doing is making progress. Lightroom is one of the most convenient real estate photo editing software when it comes to comparisons. The Y key or the back slash “\” on the keyboard will allow you to see the images before and after so you know which areas you’ve covered so far.

There are many hacks out there to be discovered and used and while this scratches the surface, they should be relevant enough for you to make a difference in the way you work.


The real estate photo editing hacks found in Adobe Lightroom are so convenient that they can be considered a difference maker in editing. Knowing shortcuts and easier ways to do things can help you breathe easier as the process has just become faster. Gone are the days when the mouse is overused, and hands move jump the keyboard to that curser. It is simply wastage in motion which can be eliminated. With a renewed sense of speed and passion, the real estate photo editing hacks is a must learn in order to bring something new and improve yourself. Such changes and improvements will bring out better output, better speed, and more importantly, better business.


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