Real Estate Photo Editing Terms You Must Know

Your real estate photo editing skills can either make or break even the best real estate photographers. Good quality images not only grab a buyer’s attention but also bring them one step closer to buying the property.

Do you know properties captured with professional real estate photography sell 32 times faster?! Your photography and editing skills play a significant role in your success.

Buying a professional camera and adjusting its settings alone does not create images that sell properties. Sometimes, a sudden change in weather, lack of light, or any other cause can mask the real beauty of a property.

For such images, you must know real estate photography editing techniques and terms that can bring in real magic to your shots.

These terms and techniques will show you what your images need to grasp and hold the attention of a buyer. Real estate photo editing will make photos more captivating and full of life.

Real Estate Photo Editing Techniques and Terms

If you are a beginner or someone who is not well-aware of real estate photography editing terms then read on to learn these most common terms to enhance your current knowledge of real estate photo editing.

Color Correction

Sometimes the camera fails to capture certain colors of a location due to various reasons such as light, window tint, or incorrect camera settings. Here is where color correction comes to help. It adds the right amount of colors to make a photograph more pleasing to the eye.

Color correction by adjusting sharpness, hue, contrast, and vibrancy brings out the most of dull, muted, or bright colors. It offers every part of an image, a sufficient amount of color and brightness.




Image noise is the appearance of blurred dots on the image that makes the desired information look unclear. It occurs due to various reasons such as low-light conditions, fault in pixel density, or long exposure time.

With the help of a realty editor, you can make noise fade away or fully disappear, generating a high-quality image that is clearer, flawless, and vibrant.



Perspective Correction

Often, vertical and horizontal lines in a picture are not aligned properly with the picture’s frame, giving a misaligned and distorted appearance. Various factors can cause this misalignment such as camera position concerning the object’s position, room’s shape, and curvature of the camera lens.

With perspective correction, you can bring your architectural image into the right angle by removing the tilt-shift. In it, distorted horizontal and vertical lines are simply aligned together which gives a more natural and real, tilt-free appearance.




Blending is one of the most advanced real estate photo editing techniques. You can combine different shots of the same place to create a final image that displays the best part of each shot together in one photograph. It is used to modify the perspective, erase unappealing elements, or create an improved version of a room.





Window Masking

At times, interior real estate photos fail to show the beautiful view outside the windows, due to either increased brightness or bad focus.

To capture a striking sight of the outside along with the interior view, window masking is used. Different interior shots of a room are taken, then a shot with a more clear outside view is taken. This is known as bracketing where the camera takes a series of exposures from dark to light. With the help of this technique, what would have resulted in an unclear outside view from window if only 1 image was taken exposed for the light inside the room , It results with a clear outside view making that image complete and perfect in all aspects.



Sky or Lawn Replacement

While capturing the exterior, a dull and gloomy sky can make the building look boring and unappealing. On the other hand, a sunny and bright sky has an opposite impact. With real estate photo editors, sky replacement can be easily accomplished without giving the image an unnatural look.

Likewise, the impression of a beautiful, lush green lawn is quite opposite to the impression of a dull, patchy lawn. Therefore, with the help of color enhancement and other techniques, these flaws can be removed from an image. Various real estate photo editing companies offer this service along with others to create marketable images.



Item Removal or Addition

Undesirable objects in an image can distract and disturb the attention the photo. It is wise to remove such objects with a technique called ‘item removal’. After removing the object, that area is recovered to make an image look whole and smooth. The item could be anything from a car in the background, a dustbin in a corner to unnecessary furniture.

Real estate photo editors also allow you to add an item to enhance the beauty of an object, such as a beautiful scene in a TV screen. It should be added without making an image look deceiving.



The Best Real Estate Photo Editors

A real estate photo editing company has professional editors who have expert editing skills. They are well aware of all of the above-given terminologies and techniques and create images based on their client’s preferences.

Some of the most popular real estate photo editing software that offer all great features used to edit and create a stunning image are Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, NCH PhotoPad, Capture One Pro 10, and Skylum Luminar. They will take years to master which is reason enough to outsource your Real Estate Photo Editing needs.


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