Real Estate Photo Retouching Using Your Latest Smartphone

Real estate photo retouching has taken a new route in using smartphones. These days, most professionals carry multiple devices and would prefer to have them all capable to do similar functions across. The intent is to create an on-the-go set-up where no time is wasted, and any location would be conducive for working regardless of the situation. Now, real estate photo retouching in Photoshop for instance would normally require a computer and a place to settle down so you can work in stability and peace. However, we may notice that this real estate photo retouching software now has a mobile version capable of linking to your work in your computer. This example is a testament on how the evolution of real estate photo retouching has shifted to mobile devices to open up a whole new aspect of working.

Now, it isn’t easy to work with a smaller screen, but it certainly does give a dimension of convenience in some other ways. The question is though, do clients fancy the photos that are edited from your phone? Or would they still prefer to be confident about what computers can do over smaller devices? Such thoughts could prompt real estate photo retouching services and professionals alike to wonder if they can even use smartphones themselves.

This and other thought-provoking queries might just be answered so keep on reading.

Can I Use My Phone for Real Estate Photography?

For doubters who may need validation to perform the real estate photo retouching through their smartphones, do not fret. Editing from your mobile devices is a practice in the professional world that is already gaining much traction and acceptance and, in this case, has support from the community and enabling markets. Such visible evidence can come in the form of the following.

  1. Mobile Version of Editing Applications

Snapseed, Adobe, and Pixlr are just some of the real estate photo retouching apps downloadable on both Android and iOS. Their existence, especially for Adobe providing the presence of both Photoshop and Lightroom, means there is a scalable following big enough to make the development worth it. 

  1. Improving Accessories and Hardware

Smartphones themselves have been advocates of the growing need to do more with these small devices. Real estate photo retouching is one of the beneficiaries of improved processing speeds, screen sizes, and similar upgrades. Professionals are able to experience the interface and process that normally only laptops and computers could bring. Speaking of smartphones, the selection process must also be carefully done. Not because it is the latest iteration from a brand then it will automatically have the best specifications. Some would have a menu to take a gander from and such should be on your radar.

Phone Specs That Can Help My Editing


Let us define some of the specifications from a smartphone that can assist your real estate photo retouching needs. Do not choose a smartphone because of its aesthetic value but rather, choose one that can match up to the prowess of your laptops and computer and while it won’t be always a 1 to 1 match, you could look for the highest one available on the shelf.

  1. RAM

Random access memory or better known as ram, this is the processing capability your computer can handle at a given time. Now it seems like the name does refer to something that is not long term and that is indeed correct. RAM can store temporary processed memory whose purpose is to process a command that you do in the now. Storage is a different spec which you must also consider when buying a smartphone for real estate photo retouching.

  1. GB

This brings us to the next point which is the real memory of your smartphone. The number of GB indicates the gigabyte storage of files your phone can hold until it no longer can. Real estate photo retouching will surely require a high capacity of storage if you will use your smartphone as the primary go-to editing device. Pictures will definitely incur hundreds of MB in some cases and so consider the frequency of your usage when picking out the storage you need.

  1. Screen Resolution

In real estate photo retouching, it is critical that the color of the image is correctly and vividly displayed on the screen. This allows you to do your enhancements correctly without them changing when uploaded to a different screen. 4k is normally preferred, accompanied by a relatively larger screen size whose measurements refers to the number of pixels available on the screen.

Real Estate Photo Retouching Tips for the Smartphone User

  1. Use a Stylus

In the quest for a precise edit using smartphones, a stylus will facilitate sharper enhancements due to its smaller tip. Using your fingers can cause variability to arise due to the differences in position of your finger every time you apply an edit.

  1. Utilize a Good Application

Much like the ones you choose for your computers and laptops, best free applications for enhancing real estate photographs should not compromise when it comes to your smartphone. If the application comes with a subscription fee and it is the one you need, you might need to consider shelling out for it especially if you are the more active type and would end up using your smartphone more often than your computer.

  1. Get a Table Stand for Your Phone

There is a difference between a table stand and a tripod. Stability in taking photos will require a tripod but rea estate photo retouching in smaller devices needs a wider base for you to edit your images accurately. Choose to spend for one and you might just be able to get your ROi on it the more often you use it. Also learn more about unethical actions of real estate photo retouching and how to avoid it.

Final Thoughts

Incase you are still on the fence about real estate photo retouching using the latest smartphones, you might be inclined to actually go for it. The number of users area increasing not only due to the novelty of being able to use a smartphone but also due to the fact that the lifestyle of professionals has changed from a purely sit-down workstation to a hybrid that incorporates a mobile lifestyle, Try it out for yourself and revel in the experience of what it can bring you


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