The Importance of Social Media for Real Estate Photography

Admittedly, we are all in one way or another, caught in the slew of the internet. We check our devices every so often, picking them up habitually without the conscious effort attached to it. This is good if you are on the receiving end of all this attention and well, it’s the businesses that can take advantage of this traffic in the trade. Now, let's zoom in on what this means for any real estate photography business. Real estate social media marketing will definitely help the industry gain attention. It can also increase the probabilities of sale through the numbers game.

Imagine this, if you were a realty editor and real estate social media marketing is an option to promote and sell, then it’s like dipping your apple into a bucket of caramel and getting it all coated. What this is trying to allude to is that any venture, let alone a real estate photography business is bound to find a buyer in this part of the internet. The difference real estate social media marketing has versus websites is its ability to immerse itself into a populous and crowded space that doesn’t require intentional searching. Sure, there could be a version of SEO that sits fairly appropriate with social media, but the amount of attention alone, letting the ads and information swim through the sea of people is an advantage in itself.

The Different Social Media Platforms

Realty editors must familiar themselves with the different social media applications and platforms where real estate photography can be a sure-fire hit. There could be the elements of demographics, impressions, niches, and what nots that are driving the cultures and perhaps also the subcultures within these applications. This list will outline a few but will help in figuring out where your real estate photography can find a home and maximize any real estate social media presence.

  1. Facebook – This social media platform is a melting pot of all things related to the internet. It’s no wonder there are many different businesses creating like pages to showcase their brand and products and is something your real estate photography would highly consider. See, the thing about Facebook is that the millions of users can search anything within the social media platform and a recommendation comes out. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Realty editors can definitely get a good following if their SEO optimization is on point in promoting their real estate photography business.
  2. Instagram – While this platform is also owned by Facebook, you could be looking at a younger set of users with this application. There are small businesses that thrive in Instagram but you might be getting lesser foot traffic with this application. Utilizing this as a real estate social media platform to promote and sell could work if you can advertise to the right people. So, make sure you’ve nailed down the target market and if you do, you might just be able to reel in some people from higher tier markets.

What Social Media Can Do For You

There is a plethora of other social media applications where you can showcase your real estate photography. But for realty editors and photographers alike, it is choosing where to play and if the effort merits exhausting all the resources to plant your presence in all of them.

  1. Increase interactivity

As most social media platforms go, there is a ton of features that incorporate interactivity, and that is engaging directly with customers and allowing them to engage back to the real estate photography business. Users can comment, like, or even chat with the page and unlike HTML webpages, there is a facilitation of an exchange in dialogue that allows users to feel more important. Real estate social media marketing can also use this platform to make polls, ask questions, create promotions, all to engage users to be part of the buying experience.

  1. Targeted advertising

Real estate social media advertising can be effective in reaching the crowd that it wants to market property to. Take for instance you want to target people ages 30-40 or those who are actively seeking properties, you can choose to target people under a local area to specifically match to the location of the properties you are selling. All these will come out of their news feed or the collection of updates that let people know what’s new and what’s going in. Real estate photography businesses can take advantage of the efforts of real estate photo editing by realty editors by showcasing the pretty images over people’s news feeds without warning and grabbing their attention along the way.

  1. Follow trends in promoting

Social media has brought to light different ways of advertising. There are the influencers that get people who promote whatever they are trying to sell and there is the creativity of GIFs, videos, and even stories that only have a limited time of viewing. Real estate social media advertising can break free from traditional marketing methods and capture the hearts of the younger market, who will eventually become the next buyers of real estate.

  1. It’s free, until you want more advertising features

Setting up a real estate social media page is absolutely free. You can curate the page based on which pictures you’d like to showcase here and there and as a realty editor, perhaps exercise some writing to place some catchy descriptions about the real estate photography business. Now, here is where you will need to shell out some dough. Advertising will cost, but again it’s controllable on your end through the amount of ad materials, frequency, length, and duration of the ad.

  1. Proof of being a preferred business

Real estate social media pages are also a window to which people can see into your real estate photography business. The webpage can be placed with transparent information, showing what projects have been done or what deals have been made. People can also attest to the reliability of the business through comments or testimonials. This provides the real estate photography social media page a good foundation for establishing trust and eventually, a good customer base.


Real estate social media marketing has been a modern and proven way to help boost the business in many ways. Realty editors will understand that it is not an overnight success even through a social media page is set up but it gives you the opportunity and avenue to create better marketing, target the right people, and best of all, provide a ground for interaction and viewing.


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