The Shift in Industry Trends for Real Estate Photo Editing in 2021

Over the decades we have seen changes in people’s taste and preferences. These drivers of how people behave continuously shape the market and has forced industries to go with the flow or be overwhelmed with wave of change. Those unable to adapt are forced to go out of business and rethink their strategies. Therefore, it is best to look ahead to predict what the next few years will look like following the trends that emerge. This skill ensures survivability and a possible pioneering of a something new that will surely result to staying in the business. The real estate industry is not exempted when it comes to evolving. The equivalent of retail’s brick and mortar set up is real estate’s open house and, in both scenarios, there has been a growing shift to an online space which has become a more prevalent avenue to reach people.

It is not a surprise that business partnership with photographers have changed as well. Real estate companies may not be vocally demanding but it comes without saying that real estate photo editing in 2021 must step it up a notch. This also implies that techniques must introduce something invigorating to both the real estate client and potential buyer. Sounds exciting? Then you are in for a feast of tips on what to expect for real estate image editing in 2021 and how you can get creative and step out of your comfort zone.

The Trends for the New Decade

The changes might seem additional work to get the job done. However, with the mindset of continuous learning and gaining new skills, going through it will surely make the process enjoyable.

  • Availability of both photos and videos – If in the past, real estate photos were in high demand for website listings, now the requirement is to have accompanying videos of a walk tour of the property. Numerous techniques will definitely still be applicable for real estate image editing in 2021 such as color and brightness correction, cropping, and line straightening to mention a few. All these will also be useful in video editing.
  • Growth of presence in social media – Expect real estate companies to take their advertising to social media as well as this platform has somehow replaced the viability of human interaction. Social media is very powerful in connecting news and information so it would make sense to utilize this as the new version of ‘word of mouth’. The ask from real estate image editing in 2021 for social media are resolutions compatible to platforms. Some might even require device specific photo dimensions. Producing several versions of the same enhanced image will surely reach a wider audience using a different spectrum of devices and apps.
  • Drone Shots – The conventional angles of photography still work to establish the basic requirements of a front image of the property as well as interiors. On top of that, aerial shots have received a huge following that it makes it almost impossible to ignore. Drone shots will add a new repertoire of photos in your portfolio. With this, a new set of possibilities in editing has just opened up such as making the property stand out in a sea of houses in the neighborhood or being able to capture a valley that resides around the suburban area. Real estate photo editing in 2021 has just gotten bigger with all the opportunities an aerial shot provides which might just propel you a step ahead of the competition.
  • A bigger requirement for virtual staging – With the emergence of interior designers to make homes beautiful, the requirement has rippled all the way to property viewership. This means people now are getting more and more inclined to looking at photos with a nice interior and this just might be the selling point for most listings. Virtual staging helps real estate companies deal with the headache of arranging and paying for a professional to stage the house. Editing the furniture in flawlessly can earn you points for reliability and skill. On top of that, the flexibility of creating an exquisite interior is up to you, adding another facet to your skill set.

How to Adapt

The question now is how can we ride the change given that we acknowledge its impact?

The first step is to move forward with a calculated risk mindset. Investing is not easy when the return on investment is blurry to begin with. Fortunately, the real estate market is seeing a bright future ahead in 2021 as interest rates continue to lower and more people will be attracted to purchase properties. You may want to consider buying a drone if you have long-term subscription packages. This allows you to spread the cost of the equipment over its useful set of years and incorporate it in your pricing. Of course, the photos you must provide to your clients must reflect the quality of the rise in price. You may also want to upgrade your camera to have better video capabilities along with larger memory banks. Some accessories to consider are steady lights and a tripod roller to add mobility and stability into your videos.

The second consideration is to ask yourself if your personal capacity is still enough to accommodate all the demands in changes. This might be a perfect time to hire someone to avoid spreading yourself too thin. While more projects are welcome, there is a danger to sacrifice quality or miss deadlines. Investing in another person requires time and patience to teach, but with the trends of realty editor in 2021, it will make sense to learn together, saving time and moving on to the future in a bigger capacity.


The new year brings new hope, and with new beginnings come new things to offer. The shifts in trends for real estate image editing in 2021 does not only apply to still photos but requires an additional application to videos. The use of creative techniques such as aerial shots are also gaining traction where photos and videos can be captured from new heights. Investing in yourself and in your business will be the key to unlocking the potential of your career and in a forever changing industry, you will be surprised to see how all these ensure survivability and stability.


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