Top New Features in Adobe Photoshop for your Real Estate Photography

For years, real estate photography has had a trusted partner in Adobe Photoshop to deliver the output required with quality and speed. Its evolution throughout the years have made significant changes on how real estate photo editing software has influenced the industry and, in the process, change the way real estate photography has impacted sales.

If you’ve been a fan of Adobe Photoshop, then you are going to love what they have in store for this year’s latest release. The well-renowned realty editor software has come out guns blazing with this year’s version 22.0, incorporating artificial intelligence or AI into the mix. It also simplified the tools that are used to be done with a high degree of complexity and steps, shrinking it down to mere touches and clicks with the help of a continuous learning program in the background.

What’s New in Adobe Photoshop 2021

Let’s check out what the newest version of Adobe Photoshop has to offer this 2021.

  1. A whole new look the Sky Replacement with AI-assisted execution

As most real estate photo editing software goes, sky replacement is a non-negotiable feature. IT transforms what real estate photography can only capture and helps craft a selling point for potential buyers. In the latest installment of Adobe Photoshop, the sky replacement feature now has several skies to choose from. You can proceed even without a collection of your own skies to make things simpler. The adjustments and sliders have also reached a height of simpler execution. The artificial intelligence embedded onto this real estate photo editing software can detect the foreground versus the background and with a few clicks of the mouse, help both of them blend together. Such features include the color slider and the lighting adjuster.

  1. Bring life to 2D and 3D images with added motion

The experience of being able to bring something different to the table is exhilarating and in the case of real estate photography, you always try to find new ways to set yourself apart from the competition. 2D and 3D photos can now be animated in Adobe Photoshop to mimic a forward motion to make it seem like the property, the background, and the peripheries are independently moving at their own strides. There are four major movement patterns that can be employed: zoom, rotate, pan, and tilt. All of which add depth to the products of real estate photography, perfect for the online adverts for your viewers.

  1. It’s now easier to move and scale objects to rearrange the objects in the photo

If you head on to Basics and selected Guided mode, then Move and Scale Object, then you are in for a treat. This upgrade to this real estate photo editing software only takes seconds to execute. You can use it when re-arranging furniture in interior shots, making the staging and designing quicker. All you need to do is select the object you wish to move or resize. The artificial intelligence in Photoshop will detect the silhouette and shape of the object automatically and will allow you to drag that around as you wish. For any minor flaws, the spot healing brush tool finishes up real nice and clean.

  1. The all-new content-aware tracing tool with auto trim

Another way to select an object is the content-aware tracing tool. Using this technique, you may feel a bit nostalgic about the lasso and pen tools. But hear us out. The content-aware tracing tool can easily outline objects with drag and select option. If the selection goes awry, then the auto trim option is available to correct the deviations and get you right back on track. Now, there is a downside to this new feature. Complex objects will require more patience in tracing them, making the lasso or pen tool a better option for these. Nevertheless, the content-aware tracing tool brings a whole new dimension of convenience into outlining objects, not to mention the speed.

  1. Add some drama with the Automatic Colorization feature

Come to think of it, a black and white feature has seldom been used for presenting real estate photos in adverts. People would love the color or presentation especially if the entire thing shouts vibrancy. However, the Automatic Colorization feature can give you something unique to work with. It showcases a black and white photo with an object of interest being colored to seem like it stands out. This is highly important especially for exterior shots. Wouldn’t you want to emphasize the property being sold in a sea of houses in the same street?

  1. Blur the background to focus on specific objects

Another neat feature of this real estate photo editing software is that it provides a way for both exterior and interior shots to also shine. Blurring the background has been one of the tricks in real estate photography to help focus on something that is presented in a crisp and clear manner. Let’s imagine the last example of the property that sits in between 2 other houses. It would be neat if people can focus on the house rather than the background, and a subtle blur can make the difference in this case.

  1. Backtrack your work with the version history hack

Okay it isn’t actually a hack. But it is a cool feature to have. The version history for Adobe Photoshop 22.0 helps you see what changes were made to a photo. It can also give you the chance to take a couple of steps back and re-create them in-case you’ve changed your mind. This is the equivalent of the undo button in some cases, but the intent is to give you a list of changes that have already happened should you need to pause and take a gander at the history of your work.


Photoshop has been the real estate photo editing software of choice by many photographers because of these reasons. The ability of Photoshop to understand real estate photography along with other industries in the photography business gives it the edge in being the forerunner as the post-processing application of choice. Copping one and being able to appreciate what the artificial intelligence can do to assist you will save you heaps of time, not to mention the retention of high quality of images from the output of real estate photography.


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