Easy 2D Animation Tips for Real Estate Photo Editors

Sometimes, real estate photo editing needs to go above and beyond the usual images and videos that build the listing. Yes, people would love to see properties in the spotlight of enhanced images in ad materials whether they be in websites, brochures or magazines and see listings in video tours through their devices. However, some creatives minds have come up with 2D animated adverts to complement for various real estate photo editing materials and some studies suggest that it helps boost sales and consumer attention by almost 20%.In this regard, realty editors should expand their skillset to cover the creativity required in 2D animation, or perhaps find services that outsources this skill.

The reason why 2D animation for real estate photo editing needs a whole new set of skills because it demands an innate passion for creativity that translates into the 2D movements of objects and characters whether it be for marketing, infomercial, or even for pure entertainment.

Defining 2D Animation

To understand how 2D animation works and how it is different from real estate photo editing, you, as a realty editor, can use this by-the-book definition.

2D animation deals with creating moving objects and characters along the planar view of the x- and y- axes. In simpler terms, this means that there only the dynamics of left and right, or up and down. It does not include the depth which deals with the z-axis provides. In this case, the dynamics do not zoom in and out of perception.

The movement is done with a series of drawings or sketches that is sequenced in a timeline. Each drawing or sketch must represent a progression that is relative to the previous one such that the ensuing combination of sketches will produce a visible and distinct movement. Basically, the 2D animation sequence tells a story.

In modern times, similar to real estate photo editing software available to realty editors, 2D animators have their own versions of digital applications. This aids to creation of drawings and already incorporates the movement requirements onto the animation, and this is where clips and movies are done.

When Should I Use 2D Animation?

Somehow, realty editors may find it hard to see where this will all fit in the context of real estate photo editing. To garner a better appreciation, check out these two areas where 2D animation can play a part in helping people look at listings and make a choice on their property purchase.

  1. Sales infographics – Real estate photo editing can provide the images that will be used in the infographics, but in the time of Covid-19 where face to face encounters have been limited, an animation of people portraying a story can be put into place. 2D animation can complement the work of realty editors through giving them a helping hand in showcasing their enhanced images. If sales is not available to do a physical presentation, then a short clip with all the pertinent details using 2D animation can suffice.
  2. Marketing campaigns – 2D animation in most marketing campaigns work because they are eye-catching no matter what the age segment is. If you’re a fan of animated movies, then you’ll love these cartoony representations of advertising. Furthermore, the ability of 2D animation to aid realty editors get their work out there can increase sales with a more engaging post as compared to a photo and some text to accompany it and it can creatively convey what a real estate company has to offer at the same time.

Check Out these Tips

To be able to maximize the potential of 2D animation in real estate photo editing, there are certain elements that can get you the results you want.

  1. Create a substantial story

We often get excited to jumping onto the software and getting things on screen, however, unlike realty editors who do real estate photo editing, 2D animation requires quite a bit of thinking. See, people love a good story. They want to see what happens next when characters are introduced in the picture and thinking of a story board with a concept in mind to promote a property or a real estate company will keep people glued till the end to know what the message of the story is.

  1. Observe and implement

Notice how people react or move in real life, give importance to their gestures and facial expressions. These will play into the animation that will give life to the characters in the story and unlike real estate photo editing where there are no human elements within the picture, 2D animation might contain a lot of it.

  1. Make the drawings or sketches solid

While there is an element of tracing and sketching, 2D animation for realty editors to make should show some heft and weight. This means that when producing an animation, the objects and characters have to be distinct, they have to be identifiable, and above all, have a defined shape.

  1. Simplicity is key

The excitement could get to you and similar to real estate photo editing, can make a realty editor get carried away with the work. Do not overdo your 2D animations. Avoid creating a busy content and ensure that the key focus and the intent of the story is highlighted. At the end of the day, when people look at the work, they need to be focused on whatever message any real estate company is trying to deliver.

  1. Exaggerate movements

These are drawings and can sometimes come as unnoticeable especially on the minute details. The trick here is to exaggerate their actions, so people know the emotion they are conveying. For realty editors, if you aim to incite a subtle tickle in people’s emotions, then 2D animation must explicitly do this because people who are watching will need to figure out what is going on.


2D animation is indeed something new in the world of real estate photo editing but it is a tool that can enable the conveyance of a message through clips and infographics especially in advertising. The role of realty editors in this is to continuously provide stunning images that can be used as part of the output and at the same time, provide the visuals in which the animation will revolve around.


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