How to Sell More by Outsourcing Your Real Estate Photo Editing (2023 Guide)

We get it — you need more clients. Yet, what you don’t have any more of is time. So, what should you do for your business? How can you dramatically increase the number of customers for your photography business and make more money?

Here’s the answer: Get professional real estate photo editing services. Outsourcing your photo editing has several advantages for your photography business. Choosing our services will transform your business by freeing up your time to shoot more properties.

Outsource Real Estate Photo Editing Services So You Can Sell More

A bright, brilliant picture automatically attracts people. It instantly creates a positive impression of the property. 

With our editing skills, we’ll make your images look perfect. Real Estate Brokerages rely very heavily on professional photographs of their properties. Sixty-nine percent of consumers believe a quality product image is essential to understanding and buying a product. An excellent image builds instant respectability and credibility.

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Our team has lifted the burden of editing images by providing affordable, specialized photo editing for real estate photographers. We’re listing tips on how you can outsource real estate photo editing services to gain a competitive advantage.



Barrel Distortion Removal

Straightens out curved lines

Blending Images Manually

Takes the best exposures from multiple shots and blends them together

Chromatic Aberration Removal

Removes the magenta and green lines

Color Adjustment

Makes the colors look true-to-life

Color Saturation

Makes homes look vibrant

Contrast Adjustments

Makes images “pop”

Exposure Adjustments

Balances the brightness and contrast so the image isn’t too bright or dark

White Balancing

Balances for mixed lighting

Flash Hotspot Removal

Removes bright spots caused from speedlights

Ghosting Artifact Removal

Removes ghosting that occurs from long exposures

Horizontal and Vertical Lines Straightened

Adjusts crooked lines

Photographer/Camera Reflection Removal

Removes distracting reflections from mirrors

Shadow Adjustments

Eliminates areas that 

Sky Replacements 

Remove overcast, dull skies

Twilight Shots

Showcase the property during dusk

Window Masking

Add a view to windows to create an HDR effect

Virtual Staging

Showcases what rooms look like with furniture

1. Barrel Distortion Removal

Barrel distortion is an undesirable effect caused by wide-angle and fish-eye lenses, resulting in curved lines that should have been straight. This warping distortion often impacts walls, buildings, structures, and interior architecture, which should have precise vertical and horizontal lines.

Expert outsourced editors can digitally correct and reshape distorted verticals to appear straight within the image frame. With lens distortion removal, advanced manual reshaping techniques reshape architecture and structural lines to look natural yet geometrically precise.

2. Blending Images Manually

Capturing a real estate scene with balanced brightness across both interior and exterior can be nearly impossible in one shot. To overcome this, photographers take multiple exposures - one optimized for the view out the window and another for the room itself.

Real estate photo editors then blend the best parts of these exposures into one image. This specialized compositing maintains crisp detail in both interior and exterior regions for the technical excellence real estate agents expect.

White kitchen table with low hanging light fixtures

3. Chromatic Aberration Removal

Chromatic aberration is a fringing effect that can be magenta or green in tone and appears prominently along the crisp lines of architecture, windows, frames, and lights.

When editing photos, our team offers skilled chromatic aberration removal services, eliminating this unattractive fringing through precise, manual correction techniques. Our experts successfully target and neutralize color artifacts to clean up architectural lines and lighting edges.

4. Color Adjustment

The way color is rendered in a real estate photo has a tremendous impact on the feel of interiors and exteriors. Often, camera sensors fail to capture natural, vibrant colors under challenging lighting. Cool, sterile tones can result under certain types of lighting or depending on the time of day.

When outsourcing real estate photo editing, professional color corrections will adjust the overall temperature, tint, and hue balance to achieve an attractive, welcoming color. With precision adjustments, our skilled editors shift tones to craft an accurate, warm representation of interiors. 

5. Color Saturation

Strategically intensifying color saturation is crucial to showcase the beauty of the actual property whenever clients look at listing photos. However, simply pushing saturation across full images risks unnatural colors on structural surfaces. 

Our team's experts solve this through targeted increased vibrancy services. Selective saturation adjustments heighten the intensity of blue skies without saturating stone, brick, or wood materials, which require accurate muted representation.

6. Contrast Adjustments

High dynamic range is essential for real estate photos to showcase the full depth and dimension of spaces. Low-contrast interiors lose pop and appear flat. However, you want to be careful about not adding too much contrast to where the photo looks over-processed. 

Skilled editors find the ideal balance through adjustments. Optimized midtone contrast accentuates lights, visible dust, and 3D edges without appearing processed. Lighter and darker areas are extended to restore lost detail from bright windows and dark shadows in photos.

Living room with pastel colored furniture

7. Exposure Adjustments

Exposure is a combination of brightness and contrast, and having the right exposure is key for strong real estate images. Our experienced editors fine-tune exposure levels, rectifying any underexposed or overexposed regions.

Editors selectively lighten shadows, recovering lost details under furniture while subtly darkening bright hotspots by windows. This service presents properties in their best light, enhancing the effectiveness of marketing and sales efforts in a real estate business.

8. White Balancing

When you edit the white balance properly, you can attain precise color balance in real estate photos. Outsourcing this critical aspect ensures that colors are true to life, eliminating color casts from diverse light sources. 

It's a meticulous process that highlights interiors and exteriors, enhancing the overall look of real estate images. This dedication to color accuracy captures potential buyers' attention, presenting customers with properties in the most appealing light and contributing to the overall quality and marketability of the listings.

9. Flash Hotspot Removal

Flash hotspot removal is one of our team's most in-demand real estate photo editing services. 

Outsourcing this task involves adept photo editing to eliminate hotspots from the camera flash, enabling viewers to appreciate the property's features. This service contributes to crafting polished and better images.

10. Ghosting Artifact Removal

Ghosting artifacts, commonly resulting from prolonged exposure times or movement during photography, can degrade real estate image quality. Outsourcing this service is a game changer because we can remove these unwanted transparent duplications, guaranteeing clear and crisp property depictions. 

Its detailed editing process can enhance photo visual appeal, enabling potential buyers to concentrate on property features without distraction. This meticulous approach contributes to more professional and marketable real estate photos, fostering successful transactions.

11. Horizontal and Vertical Lines Straightened

Having straight lines in real estate photos is very important. If your horizon is crooked or walls look angled, potential buyers might mistake the house for being slanted, which is a huge turnoff. 

While you might not always get the shot right in-camera, our team can quickly straighten your photos during the editing process. 

Bedroom with wooden flooring and ceiling fan

12. Photographer/Camera Reflection Removal

This service targets reflections captured in mirrors during the real estate shooting, eliminating unwanted distractions. Skilled editors delicately retouch these images, erasing any traces of the photographer or camera from mirrors. 

This meticulous technique results in polished and distraction-free visuals, contributing to successful property marketing and transactions.

13. Shadow Adjustments

Outsourcing shadow adjustments includes fine-tuning the interplay between light and shadows for optimal visual appeal. Expert editors meticulously enhance images by reducing harsh shadows and balancing out the lighting. 

This service guarantees that a property's features are presented in the best light, fostering a more inviting and polished atmosphere when clients browse through listing photos. Once these harsh shadows get removed, real estate agents can showcase listings with a sophisticated, well-balanced visual aesthetic, captivating potential buyers.

14. Sky Replacements

We seamlessly integrate new skies in photos, turning overcast or dull backgrounds into picturesque scenes.

As you showcase properties under more captivating skies, this service contributes to creating stunning visuals that capture the attention of potential buyers. The outcome is a more alluring and marketable representation of real estate listings, boosting the overall success of property marketing efforts.

Outer facade of a two storey house with an expansive green lawn

15. Twilight Shots

Outsourcing twilight shots in real estate photo editing transforms a daytime image into captivating dusk scenes. 

This service enhances property ambiance and visual allure by adding warm twilight tones to your photos. Skilled editors craft a captivating transition from day to dusk, accentuating exterior and interior lights in photos. 

16. Window Masking

Whenever our team needs to edit photos, one of the common requests is to improve the view outside of windows without affecting the interior exposure. 

This image enhancement service transforms window reflections into captivating scenes, showcasing the property's surroundings. By optimizing natural light and exterior views, real estate agents can present listings with enhanced visual appeal to clients.

17. Virtual Staging

Outsourcing virtual staging in the real estate industry entails skillfully enhancing property photos through digital furniture and decor additions. We use advanced software to craft appealing, realistic interiors that resonate with potential buyers. 

This service enables real estate professionals to highlight a property's potential, enhancing its market attractiveness. It's the perfect outsourcing solution for successful property marketing, capturing buyer interest, and elevating overall sales potential by displaying virtually staged spaces.

Factors to Consider When Outsourcing Real Estate Photography Editing Services

Quality photography is essential for attracting potential buyers, underscoring the importance of outsourcing these services. These key considerations in choosing real estate photo editing services will contribute to successful real estate business transactions.

  • - Speed: Editors can quickly turn around professionally enhanced images, often within 24 hours, enabling agents to get listings to market faster. Rapid production in real estate photo editing is essential for time-sensitive listings.
  • - Value: Competitively priced editing provides tremendous expertise and quality for the investment. Services are very affordable compared to the sales lift that visually stunning listing images can bring.
  • - Scalability: The right partner can scale editing capacity up or down on demand, allowing agents to handle editing spikes from large bundles of property shooting without constraint. Easy growth lets you take on more listings and shoot more photos.
  • - Quality: Specialized real estate post-processing significantly elevates the artistic polish and technical refinement of images through manual adjustments like HDR blend, color balance, and distortion removal. Visually impressive photos command more attention.

The combination of speed, value, flexible volumes, and excellence makes outsourcing a compelling solution for your real estate photo business.

House with a huge tree planted in its lawn

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost to Outsource Photo Editing?

With, it costs 1 credit for a standard edit on a photo. For example, if you purchase a monthly plan and want 200 photos edited, it’s $200. We also have pay-as-you-go options, along with a 7 day trial. 

Is It Legal to Edit Real Estate Photos?

Real estate photo editing does not have major legal restrictions as long as the core truth and accuracy of the property portrayal are maintained, especially in some enhancements like color adjustment, removing clutter, or basic fixes. 

However, material misrepresentation through excessive dramatization or fictitious additions could violate advertising standards and truth-in-marketing regulations.

Can You Outsource Photo Editing?

You can outsource virtually every routine or specialized photo editing work to an expert editing provider, including real estate image enhancement, portrait retouching, photo restoration, background removal, vehicle editors, eCommerce editors, plus technical corrections. 

Outsourced editing brings cost efficiency, talent access, and flexibility to photographers, agents, and other photo-dependent businesses.


Our real estate photo editing services will help sell a property faster and for a higher price. We all know that property-buying customers have much higher expectations these days. And realty editors can do “miracles” by making the property images look excellent.

Here’s the bottom line. Outsourcing your real estate image editing will optimize your business and help you make more money by freeing up your time to shoot more properties. 

As an outsourcing provider, our team of experts can manage your edits and deliver them on time. Contact us today for a quote for your real estate photo editing needs and other services.

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