Real Estate Photo Editing Services for Real Estate Agent Websites

The customer is king is a statement that echoes through the annals of time. It is evident in a lot of service industries due to the nature of the exchange. Customers shell out money with the expectation to receive the quality of service they equate with the value they pay for. In fact, services exist because of people who believe the service values them back. In real estate, this is no different. There exists a chain that spans across several business units and service providers to bring the goods or the property physically to the customer. The chain consists of the buyer who is the customer, the realtor from the real estate company, and the various partners and contracted services that help the customer notice, select, and purchase a property.

The role of a photographer in the grander scheme of it all is to provide the real estate photo editing services that will produce the stunning photos that pull in people to view properties. Recent years have shown that real estate purchases have been successfully made online and that real estate image enhancement has played a significant role to make this happen. Taking a look at how photographers relate with real estate companies and real estate agent websites alike, they need to understand what their customer wants. The customers of a photographer pertain to the real estate agent and down the pipeline, the property buyer. So, now that is clear, a good understanding of what the real estate agent website needs coupled with what your customer is looking will surely point you in the right direction of real estate image enhancement.

What Does a Real Estate Agent Website Look Like?

There will be elements in the real estate agent website that will require a photographer’s expertise and output but definitely not the layout and functionalities of the website. It is crucial, however, to note that real estate photo editing services contribute to the aesthetics of the site, making it attractive enough for potential buyers to stick around and explore the webpage. Here are some of the areas where you may find your photos to be contributing at:

  1. Home page images (or Primary images)

These are the first set of photos that will welcome the potential buyer. Being able to create a photo that is apt to the landing page for your real estate agent website can do wonders for people to get a good impression. Being the realty editor service, consider editing a banner photo that is fitted for the home page and make it look extra stunning but keep in mind to still work within keeping it looking real.

  1. Teasers

Undoubtedly one of the best areas to put top notch quality photos is the teaser section. Real estate image enhancement can showcase several properties under different seasons or time of the day to produce an eye-catching collection of samples for site visitors to see. This will in turn entice them to seek more photos.

  1. Gallery of Listings

This might be an optional part of the real estate agent’s website as they can choose to have teasers alone and provide a link to the real estate company website for further viewing of photos. But in either case, make sure that as a reliable real estate photo editing service, the collection of photos for every listing is complete and ready for viewing. Some may even need a video as a preview or for house-tour purposes.

What to Consider for Buyers?

Buyers would of course want to see the entire package. Therefore, more than the beauty of the image enhancement, providing the full range of photos of the home and showcasing every intricate detail will be crucial. Real estate agents would also require two things from you as a photographer. Delivering the photos on-time and in top quality. The moment one of these is not met, it is both the reputation of the real estate agent and you as a photographer that will be placed in jeopardy. Needless to say, customers are very critical of the impression of the photos and real estate agent’s website because after all, they are putting in a lot of money into their considerations to a property.

Another consideration for your buyers when viewing them as a customer is the availability of videos. In a time when the computer and handheld devices hold the key to various types of communications, a virtual tour will actually do a lot of good in making potential buyers interested. Make sure though that this is agreed and aligned with your real estate agent and their website as not to waste effort in filming.

How Else Can Real Estate Image Enhancement Contribute?

Real estate image enhancement can further contribute to other avenues of advertisement such as social media. The influx of social media has added another layer of reaching out to people in order to bring them to the website. Here, image editing must consider photo resolution and format as people will surely be viewing from various handheld devices. The size and appearance must adapt to their mobile phones or tablets to ensure the viewing experience is not compromised.


Indeed, customer is king. Real estate photo editing services must look to serve the interest of both the property buyer and the real estate agent through their website. The photos provided become a gateway to looking at the property in a realistic light and allowing them to fully see every detail of their potential future home. Moreover, by understanding the real estate agent’s needs for their website, you can be a catalyst for boosting sales. In today’s technology boom, one can only imagine the possibilities that devices and networks bring. Social media for example, is a prime area of advertising to help lead people to the real estate agent’s website, garnering larger foot traffic.

Real estate image enhancement aids the selling of the property online and therefore helps your real estate partner. Last but not the least, immersing yourself to understand their needs and to listen to them creates a more powerful approach to giving them exactly what they are looking for.


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