The Importance of Furniture Photo Retouching in Real Estate

Businesses are often under pressure to survive in the marketplace more than to just to exist. The way things are done within the realm of buying and selling or producing dictates the way customers are drawn into patronizing the venture and as well know, customers bring in the cash inflow that allows business to run. Any real estate business would definitely relate to what this concept is preaching about, and they also feel the weight of trying to outlast all the other players. In selling property within the real estate market, there is the threat of competition. The multitude of real estate companies play within the same area and push marketing efforts to new heights, forcing ads to be as creative and purposeful as they can be. One such areas that require efforts to spruce up are furniture. Real estate photo retouching should always include furniture photo retouching not only for the reasons of showcasing them but making sure they are in the best presentable conditions.

Top Reasons Why they are Significant

In doing furniture photo retouching, one needs to understand the role of this task and why photographers must fathom the impacts of getting it done. Real estate photo retouching will in fact increase the worth of any photo as perceived in the eyes of anyone and elevate the state of the image as opposed to an untouched picture. It also enables several activities to happen simultaneously without any intent to mislead.

Furniture photo retouching adds value to the photo, and perhaps the property

An inkling on the way photos add value is the way people see what it is worth. Furniture puts a dimension of beauty that an empty interior simply couldn’t fill. Make the colors vibrant and let the furniture shine and you’ve got a recipe for success. At this point you may be wondering how in the world can real estate photo retouching on furniture increase the property’s value when it’s all just a trick of the eye. Well, it is innate behavior of people to perceive something as worth their money. The moment they do, they are more than willing to shell out this amount to acquire what they believe is bang for their buck.

Building the real estate credibility and brand awareness

We’ve heard it before, but it cannot be emphasized enough how photos make a connection with customers and make an impression that lasts. Furniture photo retouching can help a brand build its identity and help create the way people perceive it. This is what can also separate the brand from other competitors or segments by having a unique yet consistent design throughout all listed properties for sale. Photographers, as partners in this undertaking, should perform real estate photo retouching with utmost care and excellence in order to assist their client in being a constant crowd favorite.

Creating a flawless and clean image

Real estate photo retouching has always had the goal of making the entire photo look pristine and shine without the blemishes we often find on site. This is not to say that the real estate business is trying to hide these imperfections, but it is what people would call buying time. You see, real estate photo retouching and editing takes 24 to 48 hours to do under normal circumstances. During this time, real estate businesses would have (and should have) already fixed these issues with their contractors or builders so that it will not disappoint people during on-site visits. This particular reason also applies to furniture photo retouching. The ability of software to clean up any mess on walls or furniture gives it a clean look on the listings while allowing the physical changes to happen.

Giving a visualization to would-be home seekers

Furniture photo retouching is not limited to just touching up the chairs, tables, and what nots. This technique is also responsible for enabling listings to showcase what can be done with interiors. People will not be able to scale a room depending on an empty space, and so furniture can fill the void to give people an idea how filled the room could be and how it can be designed. Staging is considered a possible alternative solution in cases like these and where actual furniture is not enough to make the room look properly set-up. Furniture photo retouching then plays a role of ensuring that the incorporation of virtual furniture would look real and as if it had been there all along.

What are the Tips in Furniture Photo Retouching?

There are some dos and don’ts in furniture photo retouching just like the norms real estate photo editing revolves around.

  1. Do use furniture to cover up unsightly fixtures and items – Furniture can be virtually staged in front of vents, cracks, drawings left by children, or even holes. What you cannot do though is edit them out of the image. Again, several concepts play into this scenario. First is buying time for the real estate business to fix these physically and there is the concept of creating a clean image. More than both of these, adding furniture can also fill the bits of voids in the room the make it altogether just ghastly.
  2. Do indicate that any major changes accompanied by actual changes will happen – In relation to the first bit, make sure that any major changes (especially on furniture color) is indicated in the photo and description. Some architects write a disclaimer that drawings are based on concept and idealization of the one creating the output, and as a photographer, you might also be inclined to use the same technique.


Furniture might seem trivial in the eyes of a normal person but its impacts span across several measures and allows for several benefits to take place. The reality behind real estate photo retouching is that it adds the Midas touch, making sure everything looks as vibrant and pure as gold. Let alone the need for furniture photo retouching, this works hand-in-hand with the entire retouching process to make sure that there are no spots that might turn people of and more importantly provide the overall look and feel of being perfect.


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