Furniture Photo Editing Tips and Ideas

Furniture is an integral part of any property. It can increase the value of a home if it is included in the sale and even increase the appeal it has when designed properly with the home. If done right, it should reach out to the right set of people and urge them to come and see it for themselves. Going online will hit the mark on getting people more aware of the properties listed. This is where furniture photo editing is crucial to do the woodwork some justice. The supplement it provides along with real estate photo editing is that the furniture will not look like stray items. Furniture photo editing will help these inclusions blend in with the beautifully enhanced interiors and lighting and will be sure to grab any viewers attention for a second look.

Why the Need for Furniture Photo Editing?

Realistically speaking, selling an empty property will simply not garner that much attention. With the lack of traffic and attention, the likelihood of it being sold just dips lower. Furniture photo editing not only puts furniture into the photo, but it also brings out the true beauty of the piece that can only be seen by the naked eye if not enhanced. Also, with the dominance of online purchasing and viewing, people would love to view photos before jumping into any actionable steps. These photos will make or break impressions based on what they see, and you cannot change it any other way.

Some Tips and Ideas

Furniture photo editing is not rocket science. It is even an exciting aspect of the photo shoot and post processing stage which can be done creatively. The photo shoot is just as important as the editing. Setting up the room or furniture alone for success can jumpstart the entire process where furniture photo editing ideas can stem from. Here are some furniture photo editing tips and ideas to use as a springboard in diving further into this skill.

Pre-shoot and during the shoot

  • Prepare the room and stage the furniture to show their best sides. This can be done in collaboration with an interior designer who can find the best angles and positions to maximize the offerings of the furniture.
  • If you are shooting the furniture as a stand-alone piece, setting up a clean cloth as a backdrop can help you work with it later on easier. Furniture photo editing ideas can come from blank canvases or simpler photos since it offers a lot of room for creativity and work. These stand-alone pieces can be used for virtual staging later on and can serve as nifty pieces to fill in empty room.
  • Clean the furniture and make them look brand new. There are a lot of ways to do this and depending on the material of the furniture you may need to look for a specialized cleaning service. Nevertheless, this small step will go a long way in furniture photo editing as it will give a flawless look and minimize the need to edit out small blemishes.
  • Shoot stable and minimally. Furniture photo editing tips will work well hand-in-hand with photos taken at good quality. Stability with a tripod ensures that blurs will be minimal and sharpening certain areas will result into easier tasks. Minimalistic styles are much appreciated due to its nature of catering to a more general taste. Over styling some furniture can lead to people not being able to see the real beauty underneath or pillows may cover up a nicely finished upholstery.

The editing stages

  • When editing furniture together with an interior space, it is best to adjust the lighting and exposure on an overall photo perspective. This furniture photo editing tip will ensure that the brightness is evenly spread across the photo. For localized adjustments, dodge and burn tools are available to touch up on the furniture brightness especially when there are shadows and dark areas.
  • For furniture that is shot as a stand-alone piece, a good furniture photo editing idea is to make it pop out in a 3D fashion. This means that shadows might be needed on the edges to help create a perspective of being shone a light on. This adds to the realistic touch the photo needs when being used as a stock furniture photo in virtual staging.
  • Retouch for any blemishes that remain especially when there are fingerprints. One of the basics of the post processing phase is the quality check. Retouching during furniture photo editing ensures that there are no visible and unsightly marks from any last-minute movements during the shoot.
  • Another furniture photo editing idea is to use available pre-sets. Pre-sets enable you to create enhancements with a single click as they are memory infused with the edits you have set. There are also a multitude of existing pre-sets available in Adobe developed software that enables you to select any one that closely resembles the enhancements you need and adjust the various aspects from there.
  • A least intuitive furniture photo editing tip is background removal. Yes, background removal. Even if the furniture was shot as a stand-alone element in a backdrop of white cloth, chances are the cloth is still visible. The need to remove this through background removal tools or even internet software will make your furniture look clean and independent.


The truth behind good looking furniture in real estate photos is a combination of good photography and editing skills. The former will help set you up for success while the latter ensures you are processing your photos to look their best. Furniture realty editor ideas and tips will guide you through the process of what are the quirks that need to be addressed specific to this area of photography. Furthermore, underestimating the power of attraction brought about by furniture is a huge mistake. Always making them blend in with the enhanced areas of the house together with enhancing them will help in making the overall picture look natural yet appealing. Going through the furniture photo editing tips is only scratching the surface of possibilities that this aspect offers. In fact, there are a lot of other furniture photo editing ideas waiting to be discovered and playing around with software, filters, and combination of tools may just show something new and refreshing.


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