The Worst Error You Can Encounter in DIY Real Estate Video Editing

While DIY activities are cost-saving initiatives and control is at the palm of your hands, there is an unshakable feeling of doing something wrong. In real estate video editing, the considerations and review should be precise and correct in order to produce the right quality and length in the right channels. Even if you are using the best video editing software for real estate, if the principles are off, you can expect wasted effort in many aspects.

There are several aspects you must consider in avoiding the worst error you can encounter in real estate video editing with the first being during the post-processing phase. In this area, you must be able to put yourself in the shoes of your audience, allowing yourself to look at your video and its acceptability to the public eye. In situations where you are fatigued in editing and aren’t able to tell the difference yourself, look for someone to give you feedback.

The third aspect is the marketing of the video. Now, real estate photo and video editing will not achieve its intended purpose if it simply sists in the hard drive of your computer. It has to make its ways to the right set of eyes in order for people to get up their seats and start inquiring.

Lastly, in order to take advantage of the social media space which is undoubtedly the middle ground that garners the most foot traffic, the approach should be on point. Data analytics have since been able to pinpoint specific quirks to social media that when done properly, can boost the post you have done tenfold.

In Editing Itself

Quirks in editing could lead to making or breaking the video. The thing to think about is the first few seconds will decide if your viewer will stay or exit the video. Real estate video editing must be able to ensure an interesting opening with the right mix of quality in sound and visuals that will hook the person right in and stay till the end. Here are some of the errors you should avoid when in front of your video editing software for real estate.

  1. Bad audio quality

Muffled or exploded sounds are a big no-no in real estate clips. Therefore, this must be caught at the real estate video editing stage during the get go. See, when people hear audio that narrates which is not crisp nor clear, they immediately feel the discomfort of having to endure the low quality of the audio and hence result into closure of the clip. If all your videos are similar to this, then you might consider getting a quality microphone to record some voices.

  1. Obvious cuts and transitions

In real estate video editing, smoothness matters. Obvious and abrupt cuts are a turnoff making it seem like the person behind the computer is a newbie. This loses some viewership as well as followers since they do not want to check other videos with the impression that all of it was done by the same realty editor. Take this real estate video editing tip seriously and make smooth transitions. Your video editing software for real estate should contain features on how to create transitions and all you have to do is to review the quality of the edit in this case.

  1. Inappropriate music

To make the video a bit more interesting, we throw in some music to avoid any dead silences. However, there should be the proper selection of rock music. You can’t simply incorporate rock music when your video is meant to be relaxing. While most real estate video editing apps won’t stop you from doing this, it is up to you to find one that is with the pace of the video, hopefully with no lyrics, and with a pleasant tone.

  1. Cutting out relevant details

Real estate video editing doesn’t only add effects to the whole video, it also makes the video lean enough for it to fit into the attention span of viewers. One big mistake that normally occurs in this stage is cutting out relevant parts. In order to avoid this, create a plan beforehand on which clips should be showcases and which should be left out. This assessment stage already helps you think about the criticality of a particular segment and helps you decide to keep it in for viewership purposes.


In Marketing the Videos

Here is where the principles of marketing still apply. While we believe social media is the end-all, marketing still looks at the whole picture of where you should be visible. Therefore, these two elements should always be a point of consideration.

  1. Identifying the wrong audiences

Never ever just throw your video out there for public consumption. Think of who you want it to reach. There has to be a definition of a segment which treads on age range, profile, lifestyle and the likes. This helps you focus your resources rather than doing a shotgun method hoping real estate video editing pays out dividends in a matter of time.

  1. Publishing long dragging videos

People want to view something that is succinct and straight to the point with the occasional emphasis. Dragging on too long on every part of the property and failing to catch these in real estate video editing is simply a huge mistake you can do. People will simply skip through and maybe give up on your video.

In Using Social Media

Luckily, real estate video editing efforts that make it to social media is already one foot into the door of attention from viewers. The thing is here is that you need to figure out when to put the post out. Do not fake the likes, telling people you know to hit that button to make your post surface. Sincerely get an organic following to make it more tailored to the audience it is intended for as these platforms have algorithms to help you direct your content.

Social media is also a space where real estate video editing output is highly scrutinized, thereby making your post-processing stage as crucial as ever in making it likeable to viewers.

Final Thoughts

It is safe to say that there are more than just one mistake in real estate video editing and it doesn’t stop during the enhancement process. There are implications to the steps that ensue after so you, being a professional must be wary of these. The effects are not to be taken lightly as they could throw your efforts away and at worst could even discredit your professionalism and skill so always remember to avoid these mistakes to make your content all worth the effort.


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