Top Real Estate Photography Ideas for Summer

Real estate photography has its pros and cons depending on the season. One of the best times of the year to pop that camera out is during those hot summer days when real estate photography ideas can give that photo a tad bit more impact. So, check this one out.

The Backyard Photo is a Must

People are keen on looking out for a property that they can utilize every inch of. They look for parts of a home where they can set up shop for an office, perhaps a space where woodwork can be done, and some with children deliberately look for a place where they can let the young members of the family play. One of the real estate photography ideas during the summertime is to capture the backyard in all its sunny glory.

Real estate photography must pounce on potential selling points such as these. There could be instances where a swimming pool is right there just waiting to be snapped, and in situations like these, try to get a good glistening shot that would attract people to take a dip and lead them to daydream about the possibilities of purchasing this property.

Some backyards could be empty, and this leaves a lot of room for creativity. Take this real estate photography idea and imagine it for a second. It’s a big empty space, there looks to be a lot of potential to fill it with. So, you can later on, try to virtually put in a sandbox, perhaps a swing or some monkey bars, or perhaps a great garden al-fresco dining set for mom and dad. Whatever the case is, the opportunity for real estate photography to take advantage of the backyard is there and this can land you a good number of people who would want to vie in buying the property

Trim the Front Yard at least a day ahead

For men’s haircuts, the trick is to have a haircut at least a week before any event you want to look suave for. In this case, properties need a cut a day ahead. Grass will look obviously groomed and prepped before the photo shoot. Now, this can raise questions whether the photo is just putting its best foot forward. As photographers, we do want this, but not in a way that it screams for itself. We want it to be subtle and natural for potential buyers to perceive. So, mow that lawn and let it sit for a day and when you come back, it will look more handsome than you’ve ever imagined.

Shoot at the Peak of the Day

While we all know that real estate photography needs pretty solid illumination, it isn’t a stranger to the fact that summer days are the best time to get a good score of light for exterior shots. Scientifically speaking, the earth is closer to the sun during summer, so the heat and light are both intensified to a degree. Now, what do you do with the latter?

First is during the hours of 11am-1pm, take as many photos as possible of the exterior. Perhaps place a few accents such as flowers with purple, orange, and yellow colors that will further intensify the perception of light in the image.

Another great real estate photography idea for shooting at the height of the heat during the day is to get minimal shadows. You wouldn’t want one that overstretches to the point that it covers the sidewalk, but just enough to make it look like the heat really is on. An iteration of this real estate photography idea is to use a drone to capture an aerial shot. You can amplify the shadows through a different perspective that would normally be subtle in a shot taken from the ground. Real estate photography looks to be creative and exhaustive at the same time and allow different styles to surface during this opportune time.

Take that Twilight Shot

A twilight effect in property photography can be taken all year round, but only during summer are the days longer and the sun more intense.

Twilight shots are taken during the cusp of sunset. It combines the beautiful rays of the sun together with the looming evening clouds creating a dark purple sky laced with streaks of orange. If you aren’t an afternoon person, you can also get the same shot during sunrise. The concept is to catch the break of day before it happens and take as many shots as possible, so you don’t end up regretting about your snaps, making you wait for 10-12 more hours just to get another one.

During the photo shoot for the twilight technique, do not forget to do your pre-work, and that is to turn on the lights inside the home, mixing and matching which lights will illuminate the parts of the property that will be captured. In the end, you would want to come up with an image that clearly shows the inside of the property with a stunning and gorgeous sky that no potential buyer can resist.

Shoot Bracketed Images for a Great Window Pull Technique

Summertime is a great opportunity to make sure every photo is visibly lit by natural light. This includes interiors and their windows. If you’ve noticed, cameras won’t be able to capture the perfect interior shot that both shows a perfectly lit room and a highly visible view from the window. It’s a trade off when it comes to shoots. But don’t fret, bracketed images with changing exposures will allow you to have at least 2 different images which you can combine and make the whole thing work. So, why is summertime the best for this technique? Well, because light is abundant. The view from the window is there and all you need to do is to capture it.


The summer real estate photography ideas are just the tip of the iceberg compared to everything that can be done. The most important part to remember is that real estate photography can get creative where the sky is the limit. Professionals must maximize the use of this season and its offerings of natural light and execute to the best of their abilities, the various real estate photography ideas in order to help their clients increase sales and at the same time, boost their own professional creativity.


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