Day to Night Conversion in Real Estate Photo Editing Services

Real estate buyers are growing by the numbers and demographics have been changing due to the constant waves of people entering a phase of settling down and buying a property. Others have a keen knack for looking at very specific photos and property features while it might surprise you that there are also those who ask for views of the house on different times of the day. Reality sinks in as real estate agents need to find real estate photo editing services that can perform such changes that are usually called the day to night conversion technique. This is not a completely new concept for real estate photographers. The day to night conversion technique is a combination of several different techniques used in everyday real estate photo editing services. The difference, however, is having a watchful eye for the little details. Those that give away any sign that there have been changed made or even photo manipulation to this extent can easily throw off the would-be buyer.

What You Need to Look out For in Day to Night Conversions

The day to night conversion technique is not tricky at all. What it does require is a lot of attention to detail since a full-blown transformation of the background can require subtle changes to how the property looks. Realty editor services should always double or even triple check at the end of the retouching process to see whether there are cracks within the photo that can easily spin the entire thing off the table.

  1. Sky replacement

This is the biggest change that must take place, turning the sky from a bright sunny day to a dark starry night, and vice versa. Though photo shoots would normally happen in the light of day. Sometimes the use of brush tools or the technique of stitching a stock photo of the night sky can get the job done. Whichever case you may find yourself in when performing sky replacement, always remember to lay the foundation of the sky first. Clouds and heavenly bodies must come after so they can be added perfectly.

  1. Twilight Enhancements

Real estate photo editing services must anticipate customer needs. When the customer wants to see the property set on an evening then most likely they are also interested to see the property during dusk. For twilight enhanced photos, the day to night conversion technique may differ. There is a need for increased photo stability in this case as well as turning most the lights on inside the property.

  1. Shadow Correction

As shadows are casted during daytime photography, the requirement in the day to night conversion technique is to remove these shadows and find artificial sources of light that might be casting them instead. Again, the help that real estate photo editing services give is to give what the client wants and to make it look realistic.

  1. Adding the moon and stars

This is recommended as a later process or perhaps as soon as the sky has been replaced. The intent is to add them either with stock photos or clone them from another photo. An important thing to remember is that this step cannot be ignored. A bland night sky will simply plunge the property in a dark abyss, losing its charm and potential to be sold to a potential home seeker.

  1. HDR Photo Editing

HDR or high dynamic range photographs also present a great opportunity in day to night conversion techniques. HDR photos taken in the evening will create a range if various exposures of the same image, giving visible views of the night sky in one and a visible property on the other. Stitching them together can yield a photo where editing can have a head start already and proceed to other steps.

  1. Color and Perspective Correction

As basic requirements in real estate photo editing services, these two must not be overlooked. Color still requires correction as the photo is transformed from day to night especially on the property. Imagine the sky being replaced, that can already solve the color corrections needed on that part of the image. The property, however, might still be tainted with a color cast which puts the structure out of place. Be careful as well if wide-angle or fisheye lenses were used. These will produce curves around the corners and edges, and sometimes even within the photo.

  1. Removing Sensor Spots

Sensor spots are commonly found in photos, appearing as if a round opaque or translucent object is floating around. While cameras that come with a tone of complex features have sensor spot removal abilities, being careful during the editing phase pays dividends especially when it makes the photo looks extra elegant at night.

  1. Overlays

Evening photos are supposed to be cozy. Real estate photo editing services must consider the fact that people who request for these photos would like to have a feel of what it is like to be inside the home at night. Hence, overlays should be part of the day to night conversion technique. Overlays on fireplaces and screens will bring a feeling of wanting to stay at home, enjoying the warmth and entertainment.

  1. Retouching

Consider retouching as the final step. Day to night conversion techniques tend to lend itself to a hefty amount of edits and background replacements. The sheer number of changes might overwhelm efforts to ensure that objects added in or layers unmasked look seamless throughout the photo. Take the time to carefully go through, removing blemishes, spots, and imperfections to make the final product shine immaculately.


Real estate photo editing services for day to night conversions are definitely something that is being done with current known techniques. The ability to manipulate within the confines of what is ethically legal with the goal to represent the property fairly and realistically is now a considered skill in high demand. Potential buyers who are looking to find their next humble abode would love to see their chosen properties in different times of the day, and where actual photography may not always be able to capture the evening, the day to night editing technique is sure to bring the evening straight from the power of your computer.


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