What to Know About Black and White Real Estate Photo Editing

On some days, we feel the artist in us take over our creativity. We find ourselves doing things outside the box and realizing that what we see is truly unique. However, a word of caution on going above and beyond the call of creativity. There will be bounds to which you can stretch your imagination, especially in realty editor. Of the most common limits in image enhancement, it is in real estate black and white photo editing that we find a big question mark. Why don’t we promote black and white real estate image enhancement? Why is it in the application I subscribed to if we can’t use it? What makes it right or wrong?

So many questions mar this concept of real estate black and white photo editing. As professional photographers, the ultimate goal is to help the client sell the property. A keen sense of customer needs will allow you to ground yourself within the sphere of acceptability when it comes to real estate image enhancement. Furthermore, you are able to determine only when black and white can be used and are able to distinguish what the techniques of black or white mean in the context of photo enhancement. This of course, is not to say that black and white real estate image enhancement is a forbidden technique, it simply means there are proper occasions when to make use of it.

Is it the Right Technique?

In the world selling properties, black and white real estate image enhancement shouldn’t be used. People may argue that it is a valid technique due to its nostalgic feels and creativity nor would it hurt to add one in the gallery amongst colored images. Well, let’s look at it this way. Real estate black and white photo editing, just like any other technique takes time and effort. Even with the available pre-sets, we can’t deny the resources taken up to produce one stunning image and with how speed plays a role in the entire industry, this is something we all might want to consider setting aside for now for the right reasons.

  1. Reveal the true form of the property

The first and foremost reason why black and white real estate image enhancement will not directly contribute to the sales of real estate businesses is because people need to see what the property looks like through the photos. In this day and age where everything is done pretty much online, a potential buyer will most likely troop to the website through their electronic device and search from there. From that point, they will swipe or scroll through numerous listings and stop at those that catch their eye. A black and white image will simply offer them something to pass their eyes on but not really abet in making a choice.

  1. Eliciting emotions through colors

Colors play a significant role in property hunting for most people even if it is not a written specification. The power of pixels allows emotions and feelings to emanate through the subconscious mind. This is why sky replacement is of utmost importance, giving viewers the warmer tones of sunlight and bright skies over rainy and gloomy weather, which tend to make people feel sadder and unhappier about making decisions.

  1. Defeats the purpose of enhancement

This one might be tricky, but yes, we do want to avoid real estate black and white photo editing because we will be throwing the hard work of photo editing in some way. Imagine this. Enhancement ensures that the photo of the property reflects its most accurate state, including views, lighting, colors, and perhaps, age. If we throw in a black and white image, then the outcome will simply cover all that. The goal of bridging the gap between consumers wanting to see the property and showcasing the selling points of the property can be covered up, especially when we want to present a deep contrast between colors and design.

  1. Marketing the property fails without color

Almost, if not all advertising materials out there are done in color. This is because the elements of attraction and attention are embedded with how eye-catching something is. Now, going back to the goal again of selling properties with images that aid the movement of these real estate products in the market, then a black and white photo will not help achieve its saleability.

Where or When Can I Use it Then?

There will be creative exceptions depending on where you use real estate black and white photo editing, but these are highly uncommon. You may not find them in most listings, but perhaps in other avenues where a point of emphasis is needed or where for purposes of display will be required.

  1. Emphasizing a colored area in drone shots

Aerial shots are good for showcasing outdoor areas, those that can be a good reason for people to purchase. When doing aerial shots, there are several tips and tricks that come along with it and editing such photos for creative reasons can be highly beneficial. One of these is doing a black and white photo where the property being showcased within the neighborhood is colored. This gives a point of emphasis in such cases.

  1. Abstract or artistic shots

While it might not directly lead to sales, black and white real estate image enhancements can lead to great appreciation when done in the right context. There are creative photography techniques adapted by professionals specializing in the black and white technique that are able to pull off such shots, but mostly in a not-for-sale situation.


We hope it is clear that real estate black and white photo editing is not a proper technique for selling purposes as there are requirements for the business. However, it does not completely stop the technique from being used in different contexts. Remember that photos are aimed to increase sales and attract people to buy properties by presenting and packaging the home in a realistic light, showing the details and everything that they can expect when they visit the property. Hence, save the black and white for now, but if you are feeling artistic for non-commercial purposes, then by all means let loose and unleash that creativity.


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